The Essential Guide to Cloud Security at RSA 2015


Written by Lara White

This year’s RSA Conference will be a massive event with plenty of content and activities for professionals in every segment of the information security field, including cloud security. RSA conferenceIf you’re planning to attend RSA to learn more about the challenges of securing today’s enterprise in the cloud, and the innovative solutions being developed to address those challenges, don’t miss these five events.

  1. Monday, April 20, 9 am – 12 pm: CSA Summit 2015: Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Security Lessons Learned, Moscone Center West Room 2014

CipherCloud’s Chenxi Wang, VP of Cloud Security and Strategy, will be on the panel for the “Top 5 Security Challenges Facing the Cloud Adopting Enterprise,” one of the numerous talks scheduled for the CSA Summit. You’ll also learn more about the cybercrimes of the future and how to secure data assets against emerging threats; hear a practitioner’s perspective on tackling shadow IT at multiple Fortune 500 companies; and turn major shadow IT problems into secure cloud enablement solutions.

  1. Tuesday, April 21, 2:20 pm – 3:10 pm: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Securing the Data Security Supply Chain, Moscone Center West Room 2014

When enterprises adopt the cloud, their data leaves the corporate perimeter and travels into the wide world beyond. Enterprise infrastructure security is no longer adequate; instead, organizations must focus on the data itself. In this Cloud Security & Virtualization Track session, senior security analysts from 451 Research discuss the challenges of securing sensitive or protected corporate data while outsourcing critical applications and key functionality.

  1. Tuesday, April 21, 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm: From Nonexistent to Gartner’s #1 Security Technology in Three Years: What’s a CASB? Moscone Center West Room 2014

After the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon session, stick around for a panel discussion on Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology, which has evolved rapidly to deal with the security and compliance issues created by widespread enterprise cloud adoption. Gartner’s Neil MacDonald will moderate a panel that includes representatives from Bank of Montreal, Comcast and Cisco.

  1. Wednesday, April 22, 9:10 am – 10:00 am: Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Exploring Data Security, Ownership, and Control, Moscone Center West Room 2014

As the ongoing legal battle between Microsoft and the US government over data stored on a Microsoft data center in Ireland shows, data sovereignty is rapidly becoming one of the key concerns for enterprises that need to maintain data privacy but also want to adopt cloud computing. Data residency issues can be complicated by the use of large cloud providers with data centers in multiple locations around the world. In Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? David Etue will discuss a number of issues around cloud data ownership.

  1. Thursday, April 23, 11:30 am – 12:20 pm: Beware the Cloudpocalypse: A Panel on Cloud Security from Cloud Providers, Moscone Center West Room 2014

No discussion on cloud security could be complete without the insights of the cloud providers themselves. They are, after all, the ones tasked with securing the infrastructure on which your organization’s data resides, and if your organization is targeted, they are the ones whose infrastructure will be attacked. In this panel, CSA co-founder and CEO Jim Reavis moderates a talk featuring panelists from cloud providers willing to share insights into the security challenges they face and what they’re doing to defend themselves.

Cloud security is a hot topic in the information security industry and will be a hot topic at this year’s RSA. If you want to know more about what CipherCloud is up to at RSA, visit the CipherCloud RSA site today or drop by Booth 1139 in Moscone South during the conference.