Active Encryption


CipherCloud is the pioneer and industry leader in applying strong encryption to critical information in the cloud. Our philosophy is simple: if your data is important enough to encrypt, then you need to control the process and always keep the keys. Active Encryption provides persistent protection that travels with your data and positively prevents unauthorized access wherever it goes – in the cloud or to mobile devices.

CipherCloud Active Encryption Delivers:

  • Persistent end-to-end encryption of cloud data
  • Exclusive control over the encryption process and keys
  • Granular policy controls to selectively encrypt any type of data
  • Format- and function-preserving solutions that preserve cloud functionality
  • Mobile and endpoint apps enabling file decryption by authorized user
  • Standards-based AES 256-bit encryption with FIPS 140-2 validation
  • Highly scalable solutions with minimal latency
  • Go Beyond Encrypting Data at Rest

    Many cloud vendors will tell you that they encrypt your data – when it’s at rest, asleep, and not doing anything. But cloud data is rarely at rest and most threats today attack data when it’s in-use in the cloud application layer. Threats such as credential theft, account hijacking, insecure APIs, malicious insiders or forced government disclosure all target data in-use – not at rest.

    To solve these problems you need security that is persistent and only you control. With CipherCloud, you decide what to encrypt with granular policy controls and never share the keys with outsiders.

    Preserve Your Cloud Functionality

    CipherCloud is unique in delivering the highest levels of security, while preserving the functionality of encrypted data and the user experience. Active Encryption maintains the functionality of encrypted data for searching, sorting, reporting, and a wide range of third-party tools. CipherCloud is also the only vendor to support automated workflows, triggers, bulk IT operations and other business-critical operations.

    FIPS Validation

    CipherCloud is the first and only CASB vendor to have achieved FIPS 140-2 validation for its cryptographic module. CipherCloud was granted certificate #2261 in October 2014 after completing a lengthy and rigorous testing and validation process.

    High Performance Architecture

    CipherCloud encryption gateways are deployed in many of the world’s largest enterprises. Highly scalable, these encryption gateways deliver high-throughput with extremely low latency. A high-performance stateless architecture requires no local database, making it practical to encrypt any amount of data.