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Cloud Best Practices: Tokenization 101

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  Encryption is inarguably critical to cloud data protection for the enterprise, as every IT decision-maker knows. But encryption cannot be the only tool in an organization’s cloud data protection toolbox. There are cases where encryption is not the solution, and for many of those cases, tokenization is the answer. Here are the facts to know about tokenization and its …


Public Cloud Technology: A Primer for Businesses

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In the last several years, few technologies have revolutionized enterprise IT the way cloud technology has. A vast ecosystem of cloud-based infrastructure, platform, and application providers have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for businesses to consolidate and streamline their operations, mobilize their workforces, and scale up—or scale out—their computing initiatives. But the rapid growth and incredible …

Encryption and Tokenization: Common Pitfalls and Best Practices part 2 (Tokenization)

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In the first part of our Encryption and Tokenization blog post, we focused primarily on encryption, the process by which data can be encoded such that it becomes unreadable to anyone without the corresponding encryption key. Today, let’s talk more about tokenization. Check out the 10-Minute video excerpt  above from one of our most popular webinars – “Demystifying Cloud Encryption (and Tokenization) and …

Encryption and Tokenization: Common Pitfalls and Best Practices (Part1)

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When it comes to achieving regulatory compliance, encryption  and tokenization are two powerful tools in your arsenal. As with any tool, however, having the right tool won’t solve anything if you don’t use it correctly. We’ll focus on encryption of cloud information in this post. Look for a follow-on post covering tokenization common pitfalls and best practices soon! Here are …


Cloud Encryption: The Pros of Encryption and Tokenization

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For enterprises in regulated industries considering cloud adoption, information protection for compliance is a key concern. Data privacy and breach notification laws abound, creating potential concerns with cloud applications. Cloud encryption solves many of those problems. Cloud encryption isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, however. Encryption works well in many cases,  but then again, so does tokenization, and both options have their …