Tokenization 101 - best practices for cloud

Cloud Best Practices: Tokenization 101

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  Encryption is inarguably critical to cloud data protection for the enterprise, as every IT decision-maker knows. But encryption cannot be the only tool in an organization’s cloud data protection toolbox. There are cases where encryption is not the solution, and for many of those cases, tokenization is the answer. Here are the facts to know about tokenization and its …


Cloud Data Security is a Shared Responsibility

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When it comes to adopting the cloud, data security is often amongst enterprise decision-makers’ top concerns. We’ve all seen what can happen to even the largest organizations if they suffer a data breach (think Target, Home Depot), and no one wants to be the next victim. But as firms move more and more mission-critical applications to the cloud, it can …


CISO or No CISO? Security Leadership Is Critical

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Of all the lessons to be learned from Target’s woes in the aftermath of last holiday season’s massive data breach, perhaps the most important one is this: security leadership at the highest level of the corporate organization is absolutely critical. “Whether you are a brick-and-mortar retailer like Target or the manufacturer of a digital tool like Internet explorer, nothing has …


The Role of IT in the Era of Cloud Data Protection

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There’s no question about it: cloud computing and workforce mobility have forced a dramatic change in the enterprise IT infrastructure. Gone are the days of the network perimeter keeping all data inside. Organizations looking to stay responsive and competitive must adopt the cloud, and cloud computing means enterprise data traveling far beyond the on-premises data center and, seemingly, far outside …

Encryption and Tokenization: Common Pitfalls and Best Practices (Part1)

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When it comes to achieving regulatory compliance, encryption  and tokenization are two powerful tools in your arsenal. As with any tool, however, having the right tool won’t solve anything if you don’t use it correctly. We’ll focus on encryption of cloud information in this post. Look for a follow-on post covering tokenization common pitfalls and best practices soon! Here are …

ciphercloud discovery announcement

Introducing CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce

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Visibility and Control are key to effective cloud information protection. You can’t protect your data if you don’t know who’s accessing it, what they’re doing with it, or where it’s going. Our new Data Discovery & Monitoring announced last week at Dreamforce 2013 provides enterprises with enhanced intelligence, data discovery, data loss prevention policy checking, user activity monitoring, and anomaly …