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The Dangers of Underestimating Shadow IT Risks

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Risks from shadow IT present a dark lining around advances in cloud computing. The cloud era is in full swing, and it’s a boom time for enterprise IT innovation thanks to cloud computing’s democratization of IT infrastructure, platform, and application and service resources. Never before have organizations been able to deploy, add, change, and decommission resources as quickly or as …

3 Tactics to Get Shadow IT Under Control

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  Go Beyond Cloud Discovery to Get Shadow IT Under Control These days, the question of what to do about shadow IT is a pressing one for every organization that handles sensitive data, whether that data is linked to corporate IP or customer CCs. Shadow IT is a growing trend in the enterprise, and the vulnerabilities employees create when they …

Shadow IT Tip: How to Take Control of Your Enterprise Clouds

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Is your enterprise in control of its cloud deployments? The answer might seem obvious. Of course the enterprise is in control of its adopted cloud applications—the enterprise is the one that adopted them, after all! That’s the wrong answer. The enterprise may have formerly adopted some of its clouds, but nothing close to all of its clouds, as CipherCloud research …

Turn Shadow IT into an Asset, Not a Threat

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  There’s been a lot of talk in the enterprise cloud security space around shadow IT, little of it good. Shadow IT is a problem at just about every organization. But careful discovery and evaluation can turn shadow IT from a threat to an asset. Let’s take a look at how. Why do employees turn to shadow IT? In order …

Surprising Facts About How Shadow IT Endangers Healthcare Information Security

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When it comes to the spread of shadow IT, you might think the healthcare industry has it under control. Healthcare information security regulations are strict, with compliance violations often carrying heavy penalties, and data breaches can cost healthcare providers their reputations. In such an environment, it may be unthinkable that a healthcare provider would choose to adopt any cloud application …

CipherCloud’s 2015 Cloud Security Predictions


More Sony-like hacks ahead It all started with the Target breach disclosure and executive suite fall-out, security moved up as a boardroom issue. Similarly, Sony was the master breach of 2014 that keeps on giving. The breadth of the Sony breaches and the company’s underwhelming cyber attack preparation have surprised everyone. Here is a profitable multi-national with tech roots but …

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Can Shadow IT Benefit Your Company?

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“…A whopping 81 percent of employees admitted to using unauthorized SaaS applications.” For many organizations, the cloud security risks of shadow IT are becoming well known. Putting sensitive or unprotected corporate data in cloud applications that haven’t been appropriately evaluated and secured by the IT department can lead to data breaches and their serious consequences. But are there any upsides …

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Solve a Key Shadow IT Issue with CipherCloud and Box

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It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your data is? Of all the data security issues the modern enterprise must address, shadow IT is one of the most critical, because shadow IT is everywhere. In fact, it’s likely that many line-of-business employees at your company are using unsanctioned SaaS applications right now. Not with ill intentions, but simply because SaaS …

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The Most Shocking Statistic about Shadow IT, and What It Means for Cloud Data Security

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SaaS and the consumerization of IT have revolutionized enterprise computing. No longer do organizations and their employees have to rely solely on internal infrastructure for their IT needs, and no longer are they restricted by the limitations of that internal infrastructure. But with SaaS and the consumerization come the dangerous phenomenon of shadow IT. Employees who adopt whatever SaaS applications …


Data Protection and Cloud Security in a Shadow IT World: New GigaOm Research Report

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been talking about shadow IT a lot in this space. It’s for good reason: Of all the security threats facing the enterprise today, shadow IT is becoming one of the biggest ones, yet its problems some of the most preventable. It’s amazing how easily employees and lines of business can adopt SaaS applications without …