Case Study: Large Healthcare Company Meets HIPAA / HITECH Rules in the Cloud with CipherCloud

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, the cloud can be a life-saver. Connectivity leads to improved information sharing, responsiveness, and health and business outcomes; it’s a must for today’s distributed, often globalized healthcare networks. But in the healthcare industry, cloud and connectivity aren’t as simple as choosing a service and turning it on. Regulations like HIPAA and HITECH govern …


3 Data Privacy Risks of Not Utilizing Encryption for Salesforce Chatter

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We live in the age of social media, which has even penetrated the enterprise. Enterprise collaboration platforms like Salesforce Chatter have had a strong impact on the way teams do business, enabling employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate faster and more efficiently than ever before. But organizations must remember to protect their Salesforce Chatter communications just as they protect the …

salesforce pci compliance checklist

Salesforce PCI Compliance Checklist

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Fifteen years after its launch out of a San Francisco apartment, has grown into an invaluable tool for over 100,000 enterprises worldwide. For those customers, Salesforce’s cloud is a one-stop shop to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and enable greater collaboration. Businesses dealing with Salesforce must also tackle the challenges of PCI compliance, however. This checklist will help you address …

How CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter Encrypts Sensitive Information and Helps Compliance

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For the connected enterprise, Salesforce’s Chatter enterprise social network is a powerful tool. The Salesforce-integrated real-time communication and collaboration increases productivity, streamlines and accelerates knowledge sharing, and boosts employee engagement for faster business decisions and results. Enterprises that must operate in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, however, must balance business speed with compliance. Encryption of the data in …

3 Powerful HIPAA Compliance Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

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These days, it’s getting harder and harder to say no to the cloud, even for healthcare organizations grappling with a tangle of HIPAA compliance requirements that can complicate cloud adoption. The operational efficiencies and cost benefits achieved by using cloud services like are simply too significant to ignore. Salesforce’s own security measures are robust, but HIPAA compliance is ultimately …

salesforce PCI compliance best practices

Best Practices for Salesforce PCI Compliance

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In the past decade, has earned its spot as the leading cloud-based sales automation and CRM platform. With broad adoption and legions of happy customers, Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with. When adopting Salesforce, however, any business that deals with cardholder information for major debit, credit, and other payment cards must also make sure their deployment complies …

top banks pci compliance

3 Top Banks Tackle PCI Compliance in Salesforce

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As the dust continues to settle from the recent Target data breach, with the retailer’s ever-pricier damage control campaign now extending to free credit monitoring to all its customers and its CFO scheduled to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the attack next month, the time seems right to talk about securing one of the most sensitive categories of …

salesforce cloud data privacy

Three Powerful Salesforce Data Privacy Strategies to Tackle Compliance

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Since its launch in 1999,’s cloud-based CRM, customer service, marketing and social applications have become indispensable to thousands of enterprises all over the world. The company’s customer base hit six digits in 2011, and if your business doesn’t already number among that 100,000+, chances are good that you’re considering joining the ranks. But the increasing complexity of data privacy …