3 Data Privacy Risks of Not Utilizing Encryption for Salesforce Chatter

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We live in the age of social media, which has even penetrated the enterprise. Enterprise collaboration platforms like Salesforce Chatter have had a strong impact on the way teams do business, enabling employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate faster and more efficiently than ever before. But organizations must remember to protect their Salesforce Chatter communications just as they protect the …

How CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter Encrypts Sensitive Information and Helps Compliance

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For the connected enterprise, Salesforce’s Chatter enterprise social network is a powerful tool. The Salesforce-integrated real-time communication and collaboration increases productivity, streamlines and accelerates knowledge sharing, and boosts employee engagement for faster business decisions and results. Enterprises that must operate in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, however, must balance business speed with compliance. Encryption of the data in …