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PCI Compliance Checklist

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The larger the organization, the more difficult it can be to ensure PCI compliance. This is particularly true when organizations’ data is distributed across multiple public cloud applications, as many are in today’s cloud-dominated business world. If you’re in charge of overseeing PCI compliance in such an environment, use our checklist to begin unifying your PCI compliance efforts.   PCI …


Financial Services: It’s Time to Adopt the Cloud

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Resistance to cloud computing in financial services is finally crumbling now that solutions exist to address the security and compliance challenges that have created cloud FUD in the past. That’s a very good thing for financial services organizations. The latest Ovum research shows that the financial services industry is increasingly investing in cloud computing, encouraged both by a growing variety …


3 Key Data Privacy Regulations to Master Beyond PCI and HIPAA

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If you’ve been following our blog, then no doubt you’re aware of the importance of privacy regulations like HIPAA for the healthcare industry, GLBA and SOX for the financial services vertical, and PCI DSS for retail and any other industry dealing with consumer payment card information. The cloud data privacy implications of these U.S. regulations are critical for most enterprises, …


3 Cloud Data Security Issues That Can Impact PCI DSS Compliance

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For many organizations considering a move to the cloud for business-critical operations, PCI DSS compliance is a major concern. Cloud computing offers a number of competitive advantages that simply can’t be denied. But businesses must make sure their cloud data protection strategies ensure compliance. Luckily, a simple solution exists to solve many common cloud data security issues that impact PCI …

Case Study: Securing Application Development in the Cloud

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For organizations reliant on mission-critical custom applications and continuous custom app development, the cloud can prove an invaluable tool. Having a unified, cloud-based platform for all in-house apps and in-house app development can improve availability and accessibility, streamline onboarding, and—when done right—increase data security in the cloud. Of course, cloud data security of that platform must first be locked down, …

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Checklist to Compliance: Cloud Encryption Best Practices for Financial Services

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In many industries, cloud computing is now vital to remaining competitive. The cloud typically offers superior flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and high availability, enabling businesses to grow more agile and responsive. Regulatory compliance concerns often make banks and other financial service providers slower to adopt the cloud, but even in the financial services industry, the cloud will soon become a necessity. …

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3 Ways Cloud Security Can Help Maintain PCI Compliance

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As more and more organizations turn to cloud computing to reduce their costs and increase their operational efficiency and agility, it’s natural for cloud security to become ever more top of mind. CISOs must balance their compliance responsibilities against the benefits of the cloud. Luckily, a well-planned cloud security implementation can enable businesses to take full advantage of the cloud …


Beyond Compliance: What We Can Learn from the Target Breach

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The dust continues to  settle after Target’s massive holiday season data breach, let’s look at what Target did wrong and how other enterprises can avoid the same mistakes. PCI compliance is typically top of mind for organizations looking to prevent the theft of their customers’ protected credit and debit card information, and from the looks of it, Target was actually …

Impact PCI 3.0 on cloud security

Impact of PCI DSS 3.0 on PCI Cloud Security

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Across all the industries that must maintain compliance with data privacy regulations, a common complaint is the tendency of regulations (and regulators) to lag behind new technological developments. HIPAA and PCI DSS have been called out as being problematically vague, particularly when it comes to the cloud. If you ask most folks in business IT to finish the sentence “PCI …

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Salesforce PCI Compliance Checklist

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Fifteen years after its launch out of a San Francisco apartment, Salesforce.com has grown into an invaluable tool for over 100,000 enterprises worldwide. For those customers, Salesforce’s cloud is a one-stop shop to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and enable greater collaboration. Businesses dealing with Salesforce must also tackle the challenges of PCI compliance, however. This checklist will help you address …