What Enterprises Should Learn from the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL Flaw

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Businesses must bring focus to encrypting sensitive data for defense in depth, and not rely solely on securing networks and systems, which have endless vulnerabilities. Here is yet another critical vulnerability du jour: the Heartbleed bug, announced in an OpenSSL Security Advisory earlier this week. This one’s a big one—”catastrophic,” in the words of security expert Bruce Schneier – “massive”, …

Sochi Teaches Us to Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

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Last week, an NBC News report painted a dire portrait of cybersecurity at the Sochi Winter Olympics. If visitors so much as “fire up their phones at baggage claim” or connect to Russian Internet, they will be hacked, the report warned. It has been called out for its sensationalism—the “hacking” NBC described had nothing to do with the Russian Internet …

Cloud Encryption: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Good Cloud computing has come a long way in the last few years. Most organizations have adopted the cloud to some degree, and SaaS in particular looks set to continue its growth. The cloud’s benefits can’t be denied, after all. And security tools like cloud encryption and tokenization can help make it a safe place—in some cases, safer than …