Data Sovereignty: A layman’s guide to the Microsoft Ireland Case


If your customer is in  Amsterdam, your data center is in Ireland, you are a US-based company, and you have just been served a search warrant for data by one of these governments, should you comply? Microsoft recently had to face a similar situation when US federal prosecutors served them with a search warrant that demands access to umails stored …


Nasty Shadow IT Surprises for the Enterprise

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As you may have noticed, shadow IT is very much on our minds at CipherCloud — and for good reason: shadow IT is one of the most insidious and challenging threats to enterprise data security. The recent breach of a large number of celebrities’ iCloud accounts and subsequent leaking of their personal photographs only serves to highlight the dangers of …

Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption

Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption

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Our latest conversations with CipherCloud Chief Trust Officer Bob West have centered primarily on security leadership and enterprise data privacy. Of particular interest to many organizations as they look at adopting the cloud are data residency and other legal concerns. When the news emerged that “Microsoft’s latest attempt to resist a US government warrant demanding access to emails stored on …

Domestic-Only Cloud Services Address Cloud Computing Risks

Can Domestic-Only Cloud Services Address Cloud Computing Risks?

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The cloud technology landscape has grown more complicated and more fraught with FUD in recent months. This is being driven by the ever-changing landscape of data residency and data privacy laws, and the growing mountain of revelations of government agencies demanding cloud service providers (CSPs) to hand over private consumer and enterprise data. For markets outside the United States, fears …


Financial Services: It’s Time to Adopt the Cloud

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Resistance to cloud computing in financial services is finally crumbling now that solutions exist to address the security and compliance challenges that have created cloud FUD in the past. That’s a very good thing for financial services organizations. The latest Ovum research shows that the financial services industry is increasingly investing in cloud computing, encouraged both by a growing variety …