GDPR and the Cloud: 6 Key Points You Need to Know

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The clock is ticking and the GDPR is coming to a jurisdiction near you. Although it was created by the EU, most businesses realize that the General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect in May 2018, will have global reach, covering not just data in Europe, but the personal information of European citizens and residents – wherever it is globally. …

Sony is the Snowden Moment for Corporations


The cyber security assault on Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., raised the risk and impact of hacking to another level because it was designed to damage the company, their brand and the personal reputation of the their executives. Corporations have long dealt with hackers that sought trade secrets and financial data, but the Sony attack is highly personal. Sensitive information, including …

CipherCloud $50M

Monster Validation of CipherCloud’s Data Protection and Visibility with $50M in New Financing

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Enterprise cloud adoption is creating an increasingly large and competitive cloud data security market, which can be daunting for the organization just beginning to take the cloud (or cloud security) seriously. So many vendors promise the sky. How do you know which ones have what it takes to deliver? One way to know is to look at who the investors …