Equifax hack exposes substantial gaps in the U.S. Privacy Laws

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As Equifax scrambles to address the massive damage the recent data breach caused, affecting 143 million U.S. consumers and leaving them vulnerable to identity theft for their entire lives, one cannot help but think about why it was allowed to happen in the first place. Why Equifax did not face the constant monitoring and auditing that the banks do? Why …

3 Key Factors for Data Privacy & Enterprise Cloud Adoption

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When it comes to enterprise cloud adoption, one critical risk area to understand is cloud data privacy. IT and security professionals need to evaluate the relative privacy risk of various cloud solutions in order to select the best option for their organizations. Evaluating a range of cloud data privacy risks associated with the adoption of enterprise clouds for CRM, ITSM …

Why National Borders and Regulations are not Enough to Ensure Cloud Data Privacy

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Concerns about government agencies’ surveillance of private corporations’ digital data and communications have been top of mind since U.S. government passed the Patriot Act in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Add Edward Snowden blowing the lid off National Security Agency (NSA) domestic spying activities in 2013, and cases like the U.S. Department of Justice search warrant seeking access …

North America Cloud Compliance & Data Privacy


Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance InDepth: North America For the modern enterprise handling sensitive, personal consumer information, such as credit and debit card numbers or private health and medical records, the importance of regulatory compliance can’t be overstated—and neither can the complexities of regulatory compliance. The cloud piles on additional complications. Cloud computing itself may create new risks for data …

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East Asia Cloud Compliance & Data Privacy


As we discussed in the previous installment of Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance In- Depth, compliance with data privacy regulations is critical to the modern enterprise but often made complicated by the globalization of the business world and the enterprise’s increasing adoption of cloud computing, in particular the services of major, multinational CSPs like Salesforce, Microsoft and Google. To effectively …

Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption

Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption

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Our latest conversations with CipherCloud Chief Trust Officer Bob West have centered primarily on security leadership and enterprise data privacy. Of particular interest to many organizations as they look at adopting the cloud are data residency and other legal concerns. When the news emerged that “Microsoft’s latest attempt to resist a US government warrant demanding access to emails stored on …


Financial Services: It’s Time to Adopt the Cloud

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Resistance to cloud computing in financial services is finally crumbling now that solutions exist to address the security and compliance challenges that have created cloud FUD in the past. That’s a very good thing for financial services organizations. The latest Ovum research shows that the financial services industry is increasingly investing in cloud computing, encouraged both by a growing variety …


3 Key Data Privacy Regulations to Master Beyond PCI and HIPAA

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If you’ve been following our blog, then no doubt you’re aware of the importance of privacy regulations like HIPAA for the healthcare industry, GLBA and SOX for the financial services vertical, and PCI DSS for retail and any other industry dealing with consumer payment card information. The cloud data privacy implications of these U.S. regulations are critical for most enterprises, …