HIPAA Compliance: Why Data Discovery Matters

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In the healthcare industry, securing patients’ electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is paramount for HIPAA compliance. Nothing hammers this home quite as much as the real-world consequences that organizations face for even inadvertent lapses in data protection, as demonstrated by the $4.8 million settlement New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University just paid the government. As reported on the Wall Street Journal‘s CIO …

Five Ways Enhanced Salesforce Compliance Tackles Cloud Data Privacy

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5 Ways Enhanced Salesforce Compliance Tackles Cloud Data Privacy When it comes to regulatory compliance, cloud data privacy is key. And cloud information protection doesn’t just stop with structured data such as credit card, social security, or account number fields. Regulatory and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy violations often originate in unstructured data and insider threats, too. CipherCloud’s new Data …

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Introducing CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce

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Visibility and Control are key to effective cloud information protection. You can’t protect your data if you don’t know who’s accessing it, what they’re doing with it, or where it’s going. Our new Data Discovery & Monitoring announced last week at Dreamforce 2013 provides enterprises with enhanced intelligence, data discovery, data loss prevention policy checking, user activity monitoring, and anomaly …