Unprotected File Sharing Gets Expensive

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A Recent $2 Million HIPAA Penalty for Exposed Patient Data If you work in a health care organization and handle sensitive patient health data, you’ve probably heard about the recent case in which US regulators hit St. Joseph Health System with a penalty of $2.14 million for HIPAA violations. That penalty is just the tip of the iceberg: St. Joseph …

EU-US Safe Harbor: Moving from a House of Straw to a House of Sticks?

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In the wake of last week’s bombshell decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to invalidate EU-US Safe Harbor, many organizations are scrambling to take immediate steps to limit their risk. While the ECJ decision takes effect immediately, it is extremely unclear how cross-Atlantic data transfers will be governed without Safe Harbor. The initial advice from many regulators and …

North America Cloud Compliance & Data Privacy


Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance InDepth: North America For the modern enterprise handling sensitive, personal consumer information, such as credit and debit card numbers or private health and medical records, the importance of regulatory compliance can’t be overstated—and neither can the complexities of regulatory compliance. The cloud piles on additional complications. Cloud computing itself may create new risks for data …


Public Cloud Security Demands a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

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If your business has any investment in public cloud SaaS applications, then it’s time to invest in a Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB). That’s our takeaway from the recently released Gartner security report, “Emerging Technology Analysis: Cloud Access Security Brokers.” More and more enterprises of all sizes are adopting the public cloud, thanks to the cost savings and flexibility and …


Financial Services: It’s Time to Adopt the Cloud

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Resistance to cloud computing in financial services is finally crumbling now that solutions exist to address the security and compliance challenges that have created cloud FUD in the past. That’s a very good thing for financial services organizations. The latest Ovum research shows that the financial services industry is increasingly investing in cloud computing, encouraged both by a growing variety …


3 Cloud Data Security Issues That Can Impact PCI DSS Compliance

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For many organizations considering a move to the cloud for business-critical operations, PCI DSS compliance is a major concern. Cloud computing offers a number of competitive advantages that simply can’t be denied. But businesses must make sure their cloud data protection strategies ensure compliance. Luckily, a simple solution exists to solve many common cloud data security issues that impact PCI …


3 Ways Encryption in the Cloud Can Prepare You for Risk Assessments

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For organizations with heavy data security or compliance requirements, regular risk assessments are a must, and even more so if you keep any sensitive data in the cloud. You must know what assets you have, their relative vulnerability, their relative value (not only to your organization, but to attackers and competitors), and the probability of their loss. Only then can …