Why National Borders and Regulations are not Enough to Ensure Cloud Data Privacy

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Concerns about government agencies’ surveillance of private corporations’ digital data and communications have been top of mind since U.S. government passed the Patriot Act in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Add Edward Snowden blowing the lid off National Security Agency (NSA) domestic spying activities in 2013, and cases like the U.S. Department of Justice search warrant seeking access …


3 Key Data Privacy Regulations to Master Beyond PCI and HIPAA

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If you’ve been following our blog, then no doubt you’re aware of the importance of privacy regulations like HIPAA for the healthcare industry, GLBA and SOX for the financial services vertical, and PCI DSS for retail and any other industry dealing with consumer payment card information. The cloud data privacy implications of these U.S. regulations are critical for most enterprises, …

3 Criteria for Choosing a Cloud Data Loss Prevention Solution

3 Criteria for Choosing a Cloud Data Loss Prevention Solution

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The specter of data loss and data leakage looms large over many an enterprise. Every organization has data it needs to protect, whether that data be customer financial information, patient health information, or confidential internal documentation or intellectual property. To protect that data, you’ll need to take control of it through an effective cloud data loss prevention solution. Here are …

Case Study: Large Healthcare Company Meets HIPAA / HITECH Rules in the Cloud with CipherCloud

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, the cloud can be a life-saver. Connectivity leads to improved information sharing, responsiveness, and health and business outcomes; it’s a must for today’s distributed, often globalized healthcare networks. But in the healthcare industry, cloud and connectivity aren’t as simple as choosing a service and turning it on. Regulations like HIPAA and HITECH govern …


What Enterprises Should Learn from the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL Flaw

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Businesses must bring focus to encrypting sensitive data for defense in depth, and not rely solely on securing networks and systems, which have endless vulnerabilities. Here is yet another critical vulnerability du jour: the Heartbleed bug, announced in an OpenSSL Security Advisory earlier this week. This one’s a big one—”catastrophic,” in the words of security expert Bruce Schneier – “massive”, …

Sochi Teaches Us to Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

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Last week, an NBC News report painted a dire portrait of cybersecurity at the Sochi Winter Olympics. If visitors so much as “fire up their phones at baggage claim” or connect to Russian Internet, they will be hacked, the report warned. It has been called out for its sensationalism—the “hacking” NBC described had nothing to do with the Russian Internet …

U.S. Government Moves Towards More Transparency in its Data Collection, but Is It Good Enough?

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Edward Snowden’s continuing revelations of government surveillance into ordinary citizens’ and private enterprises’ Internet use and communications have become a regular staple of the news headlines, but so far, governments have seemed unwilling to compromise on how much of our data they feel entitled to see. That looks like it might be changing now, however. Yesterday saw the announcement that …

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Cloud Security News: 451 Research Calls CipherCloud a Standout

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CipherCloud is off to a good start in the new year, if the results of 451 Research’s Wave 16 Information Security Study are any indication. Published last month, the study delved into the evolving landscape of cloud security solutions and security managers’ attitudes towards them. The research firm anticipates cloud security “potentially doubling in penetration over the next 18 months.” And out …

4 Beneifts HIPAA compliance with cloud data privacy

Four Benefits of Managing HIPAA Compliance with Cloud Data Privacy

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HIPAA compliance has presented challenges to the health care industry since before cloud computing was even an option, and for many years left “both client organizations and cloud vendors without clear guidance on how to comply” in the context of the cloud, as Thomas Trappler wrote for ComputerWorld. The 2013 update to HIPAA is a large step towards bringing it …


Need for Greater Cloud Data Privacy: Open Letter to President Obama

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Major Internet Companies Call for Government Surveillance Reforms to Ensure Greater Cloud Data Privacy “Recent revelations about government surveillance activities have shaken the trust of our users…” -Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo This week, major American tech companies’ resistance to government surveillance practices went public in a big way with Reform Government Surveillance, an open letter to President Obama and Congress …