Data Access Control With Customer Controlled Encryption, in a Control Multi-Cloud Environment

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How does a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) ensure cloud security? It’s all about having visibility into how enterprise data is getting used in and from the cloud, thereby controlling access to it. Multi-Cloud Environment Organizations all over the world are transitioning to a multi-cloud environment and it is important to gain visibility within these clouds. In this day and …

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Multi-Cloud Security Demands Unified Cloud Data Security

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Think fast! How many of your organization’s critical operations now live in the cloud? Do you use any of the following: Cloud CRM Cloud file sync and share Cloud communications and collaboration Cloud email Cloud storage Cloud business analytics Cloud accounting Cloud HRMS On top of that, does your organization use any other third-party cloud enterprise applications? The selection is …

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The Top 3 Cloud Security Challenges

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These days, just about every enterprise understands that the cloud is not an option but a business imperative. Cloud computing—especially turnkey public cloud computing through enterprise-grade applications like those offered by global cloud leaders Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft—can dramatically accelerate innovation and increase availability, responsiveness, and productivity across an entire organization. But with cloud computing come cloud security challenges. In …

Solving Data Location Issues for Cloud Security


For the privacy-conscious enterprise, data location issues can complicate cloud security assessments and initiatives. Many countries have enacted privacy laws to protect the privacy and restrict the use of personal data. Those laws can vary by region or industry within countries, as they do in the US, and they certainly vary—and sometimes conflict—between countries. Finding a cloud solution that satisfies …

Customer Story: Credit Bureau Ensures Cloud Data Security with CipherCloud

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Few verticals have as many cloud data security and regulatory compliance challenges as financial services, and within financial services, credit bureaus are particularly hard-pressed. Credit bureaus handle vast amounts of extremely sensitive consumer financial information, and a misstep or data breach could cause catastrophic damage to the credit bureau’s reputation and ability to do business. That’s why CipherCloud is proud …

Maintaining Data Security During Cloud Adoption: 5 Questions CIO’s Need to Ask

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These days, it’s hard to make an argument against cloud adoption. Cloud computing offers flexibility, agility, ease of access, and economies of scale that few (if any) on-premises solutions can match, and typically at a much lower cost. However, cloud data security concerns can cause hesitation when it comes to cloud adoption. As a result, CIOs must balance their organization’s …

CipherCloud’s 2015 Cloud Security Predictions


More Sony-like hacks ahead It all started with the Target breach disclosure and executive suite fall-out, security moved up as a boardroom issue. Similarly, Sony was the master breach of 2014 that keeps on giving. The breadth of the Sony breaches and the company’s underwhelming cyber attack preparation have surprised everyone. Here is a profitable multi-national with tech roots but …

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The Most Shocking Statistic about Shadow IT, and What It Means for Cloud Data Security

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SaaS and the consumerization of IT have revolutionized enterprise computing. No longer do organizations and their employees have to rely solely on internal infrastructure for their IT needs, and no longer are they restricted by the limitations of that internal infrastructure. But with SaaS and the consumerization come the dangerous phenomenon of shadow IT. Employees who adopt whatever SaaS applications …