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Data Protection: The Cloud Security Cornerstone

Cloud Data Security

Not Your Grandma’s IT Security Concern Not that long ago, the main concern of network security professionals was protecting the company’s network perimeter. Servers, not data, was the issue. When the cloud rolled in, the IT security landscape began to change profoundly. When companies use cloud services, effectively they’re outsourcing the care of their data. Unfortunately, they can’t outsource their …

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Cloud Data Isn’t Lazy Data

Cloud Data Protection

Why your cloud security strategy shouldn’t rely solely on data-at-rest encryption In our last blog post, we revealed that cloud provider “Bring Your Own Keys” (BYOK) options merely let customers keep a copy of their keys, not own the whole set of keys. In this post, we’ll look at the SaaS application environment in detail to understand why data-at-rest encryption …

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Cloud Data Protection 101: Data Classification

Cloud Data Protection, Cloud Security

When it comes to protecting your sensitive customer and corporate data in the cloud, encryption and tokenization will no doubt be two of the most important weapons in your arsenal. But before you can begin applying them (along with your other cloud data protection tools) to your data, you’ll need to know where to encrypt and where to tokenize, and …

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The Most Shocking Statistic about Shadow IT, and What It Means for Cloud Data Security

Cloud Data Security, Shadow IT

SaaS and the consumerization of IT have revolutionized enterprise computing. No longer do organizations and their employees have to rely solely on internal infrastructure for their IT needs, and no longer are they restricted by the limitations of that internal infrastructure. But with SaaS and the consumerization come the dangerous phenomenon of shadow IT. Employees who adopt whatever SaaS applications …


Data Protection and Cloud Security in a Shadow IT World: New GigaOm Research Report

Cloud Security, Shadow IT

As you may have noticed, we’ve been talking about shadow IT a lot in this space. It’s for good reason: Of all the security threats facing the enterprise today, shadow IT is becoming one of the biggest ones, yet its problems some of the most preventable. It’s amazing how easily employees and lines of business can adopt SaaS applications without …


For Total Cloud Data Protection, Companies Must Gain Control of Shadow IT

Cloud Data Protection, Shadow IT

Think fast! How much of a problem is shadow IT at your organization? If you answered “not much” or “not at all,” then we have an unpleasant surprise for you. According to a recent report by 451 Research an estimated that 79% of employees use shadow IT applications. So unless you’ve taken steps to identify and address shadow IT in …


3 Reasons Shadow IT is Not Going Away

Shadow IT

One of the most pressing security and risk issues facing enterprise IT these days is also one of the most difficult to address. Shadow IT — as it’s been called — describes the practice of employees and/or departments self-provisioning cloud applications for improved productivity, collaboration or reduced costs. So whether it’s a single employee uploading work documents to a file …


Home Depot Data Breach Response Shows Prevention is the Best Vaccine

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Another day, another data breach. That is, at least, the way it sometimes seems. One of the highest-profile hacking victims in recent memory is Home Depot, which last month disclosed that it had suffered a massive breach of its POS systems, resulting in the exposure of 56 million Home Depot customer payment card numbers between April and September of this …