Shadow IT

Solve a Key Shadow IT Issue with CipherCloud and Box

Shadow IT

It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your data is? Of all the data security issues the modern enterprise must address, shadow IT is one of the most critical, because shadow IT is everywhere. In fact, it’s likely that many line-of-business employees at your company are using unsanctioned SaaS applications right now. Not with ill intentions, but simply because SaaS …

cyber insurance

Mandatory Cyber Insurance – Driving Improved Security or Just Passing the Buck?

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Target, Neiman Marcus, and other big time data breaches have highlighted a recent trend of corporate imprudence with customer data – putting both their businesses and their customers and risk. The cost of these breaches has already reached multi-millions of dollars and we have yet to see the full cost as credit card issuers will surely try to recoup their …

cloud security research study

Cloud Security News: 451 Research Calls CipherCloud a Standout

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CipherCloud is off to a good start in the new year, if the results of 451 Research’s Wave 16 Information Security Study are any indication. Published last month, the study delved into the evolving landscape of cloud security solutions and security managers’ attitudes towards them. The research firm anticipates cloud security “potentially doubling in penetration over the next 18 months.” And out …

ciphercloud discovery announcement

Introducing CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce

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Visibility and Control are key to effective cloud information protection. You can’t protect your data if you don’t know who’s accessing it, what they’re doing with it, or where it’s going. Our new Data Discovery & Monitoring announced last week at Dreamforce 2013 provides enterprises with enhanced intelligence, data discovery, data loss prevention policy checking, user activity monitoring, and anomaly …