Gartner Calls Out CASB Among the Top 11 Security Technologies at its Security & Risk Management Summit 2017

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It was great representing CipherCloud at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 last week in National Harbor, Maryland. I had a chance to speak with a number of IT / security professionals and business owners from various companies. Throughout the conference, I was frequently asked the following questions: What model do your customers use to help pass compliance …

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Recognized Leadership vs Claims of Leadership

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Getting Beyond the Noise Technology products often are overhyped, and products in the CASB space are no exception. CASB players proliferate amid an abundance of venture money and self-proclaimed market and technology leadership. Customers rely on competitive analysis from independent sources to cut through the noise and provide a clear picture of what vendors really have to offer. The first …

Putting the “S” in CASB ­­­­­— Safeguarding Cloud File Sharing


As we have discussed in a recent blog post Cloud File Sharing has big rewards and big risks. Driven by workforce trends that have teams spread across the globe both internal users and external partners need to share information anytime, anywhere to be effective. Understanding the Risks It is inevitable that users will turn to file sharing clouds like Box, …

ChalkTalk: Deeper Dive on Cloud File Sharing Use Cases

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In part 2 of our Cloud File Sharing ChalkTalk series, watch as Ankur Shah does a deep dive into real-world customer use cases for avoiding the compliance and privacy risks associated with file collaboration services. Full transcript below: Hello. Welcome to one more edition of CipherCloud ChalkTalk. My name is Ankur . I’m head of product at CipherCloud. In today’s …

CipherCloud Unveils NEW Cloud Security Broker at RSA 2016

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RSA 2016 in San Francisco, was all abuzz with CASB and cloud security products galore. CipherCloud seemed to steal the show floor at RSA, while simultaneously amassing over 10 InfoSecurity Magazine awards (including the Grand Trophy) – as we unveiled the NEW Cloud Security Broker and CipherCloud Trust Platform. The film crew from Trilogy Tech Talk noticed the buzz and stopped by to …

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ChalkTalk: File Sharing and Collaboration Overview

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ChalkTalk Video: File Sharing and Collaboration – What You Need to Know Back by popular demand, this ChalkTalk video by Ankur Shah, Sr. Director of Products, covers “What you need to know about file sharing and collaboration”. Watch this 3 minute video to learn: What classes of applications must enterprises look to protect? Why is it important to protect these …

Cloud File Sharing: Big Rewards — and Big Risks


Nearly every business runs 24×7 these days. Employees need to be able to access corporate documents even when they’re not at the office. Projects can’t succeed without a collaborative effort across internal and external participants. So companies need ways to make file sharing both easy and safe. Cloud collaboration is easy, and employees love it: they can access files from …


Use a CASB to Protect Your PII and PCI No Matter Where It Is or How It Got There


Data is everywhere. It’s in databases, both behind your firewalls and in the cloud. It’s in documents downloaded onto employee phones and tablets. It’s in files shared with third-parties via file sharing systems. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Information (PCI) is found in files and databases and can leak to all these places. And that’s just when it’s …