Breach Reported at JPMorgan Chase Demonstrates a Need for Data Encryption

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In the annals of massive, potentially game-changing data breaches, this summer’s JPMorgan Chase breach, which the New York Times reports has “compromised the accounts of 76 million households and seven million small businesses,” may be one of the most significant, despite the fact that thus far, the only information that appears to have been stolen has been accountholder contact information …


Why Dyre is Different and What it Means to Millions of Salesforce Users

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For organizations that handle sensitive financial information, data security is growing ever more challenging and the stakes ever higher. Major data breaches hit the headlines with alarming regularity (just think of Target, Home Depot, and the like), and their consequences are severe. We at CipherCloud have long warned that enterprises concerned with cloud data protection must take control of it …


Potential Goodwill Data Breach – Are You Vulnerable?

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In what could shape up to be yet another alarming data breach headline, it looks like Goodwill Industries could be the latest victim of a high-profile data breach. Earlier this month, Krebs on Security reported that “financial institutions across the country report that they are tracking what appears to be a series of credit card breaches involving Goodwill locations nationwide.” …

Lessons from the Target Data Breach: Leadership is Critical to Data Security

Lessons from the Target Data Breach: Leadership is Critical to Data Security

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The fallout from last year’s Target data breach continues. Late last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) has taken “the unusual step of recommending that Target Corp. shareholders oust seven of the company’s 10 directors, citing what it called the board’s failure to manage risk and protect the retailer from a massive data breach.” The …

Domestic and Foreign Spying Threaten Cloud Data Security

Domestic and Foreign Spying Threaten Cloud Data Security

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If your organization’s got a lot riding on the continued security of its confidential or proprietary data, then you need to stay informed on the threats and how to address them. One of the most worrying threats of late, especially when it comes to cloud data security, is government spying—both foreign and domestic. Foreign spying and corporate and economic espionage …

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Mandatory Cyber Insurance – Driving Improved Security or Just Passing the Buck?

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Target, Neiman Marcus, and other big time data breaches have highlighted a recent trend of corporate imprudence with customer data – putting both their businesses and their customers and risk. The cost of these breaches has already reached multi-millions of dollars and we have yet to see the full cost as credit card issuers will surely try to recoup their …

Experts Agree: Cloud Encryption is Key – Don’t Wait for a Breach to Happen

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If your enterprise needs any more encouragement to beef up its cloud encryption strategy, the fallout from last year’s Target and Snapchat data breaches should do it. Snapchat embarrassed itself with its dismissive response to Gibson Security’s warning, a vulnerability that later resulted in the breach of 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers, according to the Wall Street Journal’s …