Survey Results – Top Regulatory Concerns Can Be Overcome with CipherCloud

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Written by Michael Higashi

CipherCloud recently conducted a survey asking participants about their current concerns on data protection. The results are in, and while the results may not be surprising, it shows areas in which data protection solutions can deliver immediate value and enable enterprises to overcome current headaches. Enterprises are rapidly moving to the Cloud, but as they do so they are grappling with the new data protection and regulatory challenges the Cloud presents.


In recent years, we’ve all seen the rapid growth in the use of cloud applications by businesses across every industry and region, including even those in highly regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and government. Ninety four percent of our respondents said they are currently using cloud applications for their business, with the leading applications being, Microsoft Office 365, Google Gmail, Box, ServiceNow, and NetSuite.

With today’s globalization of business, the Cloud has enabled such industries as retail and manufacturing to flourish, but has proven to be a higher hurdle for the more regulated such as financial and healthcare services. The latter industries are subject to strict data privacy laws including PCI and HIPAA/HITECH as well as different regulations that are specific country to country―or in the case of the US from state to state. We asked our respondents which regulatory compliance issue was of particular concern, and their answer reinforced the issue of regional privacy laws: 73% said local data privacy laws are of most concern, with PCI and data residency 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The most interesting part of our survey was when we asked our respondents which security issues are of particular concern. The top 3 answers were external security breach, 3rd party surveillance, and internal security processes. This is where CipherCloud can help. CipherCloud enables enterprises to adopt the cloud while overcoming these concerns and also meeting data protection, regulatory, compliance and data residency risks. Moving to the cloud is a smart business strategy, and coupled with cloud information protection solutions such as CipherCloud make it very feasible for those needing to meet even the strictest compliance laws.

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