Shadow IT

Solve a Key Shadow IT Issue with CipherCloud and Box

Shadow IT

Written by Lara White

It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your data is?

Of all the data security issues the modern enterprise must address, shadow IT is one of the most critical, because shadow IT is everywhere. Shadow IT In fact, it’s likely that many line-of-business employees at your company are using unsanctioned SaaS applications right now. Not with ill intentions, but simply because SaaS applications often offer superior ease of use and accessibility compared to more traditional, IT-sanctioned solutions. Employees use SaaS applications to be more productive.

In many cases, employees turn to the cloud to easily store, retrieve, and share files, making their work documents accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Unfortunately, those work documents often contain sensitive corporate data, making cloud-based file sync and share applications a special concern for the privacy-conscious enterprise. Cloud storage and collaboration apps can make workers more productive, but without proper oversight, they can also enable workers to more easily (and often inadvertently) violate corporate policies. File sync and share apps can also create data privacy and regulatory compliance challenges for the enterprise when adopted without appropriate corporate governance.

But shutting down employee cloud use isn’t the answer. If large numbers of your employees are turning to cloud-based file sync and share services, that’s a sure sign that your enterprise needs to adopt an appropriate cloud-based file sync and share service for its employees. That way, they won’t lose any of the convenience or functionality they’ve come to expect, but you’ll gain greater control and peace of mind.

One of the best cloud storage and collaboration options out there is Box. Box offers enterprise-ready control features to prevent policy and compliance violations while providing employees with flexibility and a user-friendly interface. If shadow IT is a problem at your organization, adopting Box and moving users off of their own unsanctioned, high risk cloud storage applications is an excellent first step towards a comprehensive solution.

A Box Trust Partner, CipherCloud can lower your cloud data storage risks even more using our  (DLP), compliance scanning, and granular, policy-based protection of the sensitive and regulated data that users may store and share via Box.

Imagine the possibilities. Employees who had previously used unsanctioned cloud storage apps—such as those working in IT, where shadow IT use is especially heavy—can continue using the cloud as they’ve become accustomed to doing, but in a controlled, enterprise-safe environment. Employees who haven’t yet adopted the cloud, meanwhile, can improve their productivity thanks to the cloud’s power to make data accessible and editable anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, enterprises can monitor employee usage and activities, ensuring that policy and compliance violations are detected and addressed before they turn into leaks and breaches. Organizations can leverage the full potential of cloud collaboration without sacrificing the visibility or control they need for reliable cloud data protection and compliance.

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