RSA Guide: 4 Things You Must Do


Written by Lara White

RSA 2015 is fast approaching, and with over 400 exhibiting companies, over 20 keynote presentations from the top influencers in the security field, and over 300 track sessions for deeper dives into the latest in today’s information security technology, April 20-24 looks set to be five of the most informative days in any security decision-maker’s calendar this year. RSA 2015Are you ready to make the most of RSA 2015? Here are four things you must do while you’re at RSA.

  1. Solve a mystery at the CSI Digital Crime Lab

Have you always secretly dreamed of being a detective? Put your real-world digital forensics skills to the test in the CSI Digital Crime Lab, running through Thursday at the RSAC Sandbox in Room 134 of Moscone Center North. Hosted by digital forensics innovator Amber Schoader, the CSI Digital Crime Lab invites would-be digital gumshoes into a mock crime scene and digital forensics lab, where they can solve a crime using smartphone evidence.

  1. Learn cloud security lessons from the experts

The cloud has become commonplace within the enterprise, making cloud data security one of the most pressing challenges facing enterprise security executives and administrators. How does this change the IT security paradigm we’re used to, and what must security leaders do to prepare for the even more cloud-dominated future? At CSA Summit 2015: Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Security Lessons Learned, a panel of security industry experts will discuss their experiences and explore looming future security challenges. Attend the summit on Monday, April 20, from 9 am to 12 pm at Room 2014 in Moscone Center West.

  1. Role-play a major corporate breach with your industry peers

After a year rocked by major corporate data breach after major corporate data breach, enterprise cybersecurity has become top of mind for many in the industry. Get some interactive, hands-on experience in addressing a major corporate security breach with the Cyber-shock 2015: Corporate Breach Role Play session on Tuesday, April 21 from 3:30 – 5:30 pm. Pre-registration is required, and Conference Lab details will be sent to lab registrants.

  1. Check out Alec Baldwin’s keynote

Last year’s notorious Sony hack and Jimmy Kimmel’s exposure of the man-in-the-street’s poor password practices earlier this year aren’t Hollywood’s only crossovers with the world of cybersecurity. This year at RSA, award-winning film and television star Alec Baldwin will give a special 1:1 interview keynote discussing Hollywood and privacy. Noted for his comedic abilities, Baldwin’s sure to bring the laughs along with the insights. Attend Alec Baldwin’s keynote on April 24 from 1 – 2 pm at the Esplanade Ballroom in Moscone Center South.

Jam-packed with fun, informative, and educational presentations and activities showcasing the best in information security technology and innovation, RSA 2015 offers something for everyone in the field. Plan out your calendar now so that you don’t miss any of the good stuff. We’ll see you there! And if you haven’t yet gotten your pass, register for the conference today at the RSA website. Want to know what CipherCloud is up to? Check out our RSA event page.