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Gain knowledge around cloud security and CipherCloud’s line of products and technology solutions.

Featured Webinars

  • Is Your CRM GDPR Compliant?

  • How to Analyze Your ServiceNow Instance for Compliance and Data Protection?

  • Cloud Security Must Practices to
    Protect Your Crown Jewels: “Data”

  • 5 Use Cases and a Demo:
    SAP Data Encryption by CipherCloud
  • How Secure is Your Sensitive Data in the Salesforce Clouds?

  • 3 Lessons from the Equifax Breach.
    What you can do to protect your business.

On-Demand Webinars

  • Enabling ServiceNow with Data Protection and Compliance from CipherCloud
  • Putting the ‘DP’ in the GDPR: A One-Year Plan for Compliance
  • Should You Encrypt Data Before it Goes to the Cloud?
  • Transforming HR for Financial Services While Maintaining Compliance
  • Can the GDPR and the Cloud Co-Exist?
  • Ensure Privacy and Compliance in Adobe Analytics
  • Balancing Financial Cybersecurity with Cloud Adoption
  • Apples vs Oranges: Comparing CASB Encryption with Salesforce PE
  • Three Reasons Cloud Security Requires Mobile Data Encryption
  • Data Privacy, Protection and Compliance for Dropbox
  • Protect What Matters in the Salesforce Cloud
  • 5 Cloud Legal Blind Spots You Might Overlook
  • 3 Reasons Multi-Cloud Data Protection Requires Active Encryption
  • Enabling SAP SuccessFactors with Advanced Data Protection from CipherCloud [EUROPE]
  • Enabling SAP SuccessFactors with Advanced Data Protection from CipherCloud [NORTH AMERICA]
  • KuppingerCole: How to Evaluate CASB Solutions
  • Forrester: The Case for Multi-Cloud Security
  • Encryption Survey Results with Osterman
  • [Joint Webinar with Box] Investment Leader Enables Collaboration While Securing Sensitive Data
  • Improve Visibility & Control for Salesforce Users and Data
  • Cloud Visibility is Good… Now You Need to Take Action
  • Navigating the Cloud and Data Privacy Minefield: How IT Can Avoid Collateral Damage
  • 3 Steps to Making CASB Work for You
  • Cloud File Sharing: Reap the Rewards, Avoid the Risks
  • [Expert Panel] US-EU Safe Harbor Ruling: Creating an Actionable Plan for IT
  • [Expert Panel] Weathering the Data Privacy Storm Without Safe Harbor
  • [Webinar with Forrester] Demystifying Cloud Encryption
  • Understanding Global Data Protection Laws
  • [Expert Panel] Shadow IT: The CISO Perspective on Regaining Control
  • Securing the Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Cloud Encryption & Tokenization 101
  • [Expert Panel] It’s All About the Data, Dummy!
  • Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Security in the Cloud
  • [Expert Panel] The Business Drivers for Cloud Data Security: How a Global Telecom Provider Addressed Key Data Protection Challenges
  • Insights and Best Practices for Cloud Data Security
  • Addressing the Risks & Regulations that Govern Patient Data in the Cloud”
  • Protecting Healthcare Information in the Cloud: How 6 healthcare firms comply with HIPAA, HITECH & more while using the cloud
  • [Expert Panel] Healthcare and the Cloud: Solving the Security Dilemma
  • Practical Approaches to Cloud Visibility, DLP and Compliance
  • Financial Services: Overcoming Compliance Concerns as you Move to the Cloud
  • [Expert Panel] Privacy and the Cloud – Cross-Atlantic Legal Perspectives
  • Discovery and Beyond: Three Steps to Securing Your Critical Data in the Cloud
  • Shedding Light on Shadow IT for File Sharing Maximize the benefits of collaboration while meeting compliance and governance needs
  • Discover, Monitor and Protect Your Data in Salesforce
  • [Expert Panel] Understanding the SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Guidance – What, Why, How
  • [Joint webinar with CSA] Building a Business Case for Cloud Information Protection”
  • [Expert Panel] Financial Services and the Cloud: Solving the Security Dilemma


Read more with 10-Minute Guides, white papers, technical papers and analyst reports.

  • GDPR: An Action Plan for Cloud Readiness
  • Gartner Report: Market Guide for Cloud Access Security Brokers – CASB
  • Osterman Research Report:
    Cyber Security in Financial Services
  • Osterman Research Report: GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs
  • Learn about our integrated solution with Juniper Networks delivering visibility, control and advanced threat protection
  • 6 Best Practices for Law Firms to Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud
  • The Osterman Cloud Encryption Report
  • [KuppingerCole] 2016 Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)
  • Navigating the Cloud and Data Privacy Minefield
  • CIO’s Guide to Enterprise Cloud Adoption
  • Global Guide to Data Protection Laws
  • Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Data Protection
  • Can Cloud Providers Guarantee Data Privacy?
  • Global Cloud Data Security Report – 2016 Edition
  • [DLA Piper] Meeting European Data Protection and Security Requirements with CipherCloud Solutions
  • Key Requirements for Cloud Security
  • [Tech Note] 3 Steps to Reduce the Risks of Account Hijacking for Cloud Applications
  • Best Practices for Protecting Healthcare Information in the Cloud
  • Managing Data Residency and Compliance in the Cloud Age
  • What Does a Cloud Application Risk Score Really Mean?
  • Best Practices for Cloud Information Protection in Financial Services
  • The 10-Minute Guide to Cloud Encryption Gateways
  • Beyond Discovery: Cloud Data Protection
  • Best Practices for Protecting Content and Information in the Cloud
  • Cybersecurity and Encryption: After Snowden, Home Depot, and Target, is plaintext ever safe?
  • [Ovum] On the Radar: CipherCloud Cloud access security
  • [CSA Research] How Cloud is Being Used in Financial Sector
  • CipherCloud Provides Shadow IT Insight

Data Sheets

Read more with our detailed data sheets to learn how to integrate Cipher Cloud to ensure that your data remains secure.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Datasheet
  • ServiceNow Datasheet


  • CipherCloud Platform Animation
  • CipherCloud for Salesforce Animation
  • CipherCloud for ServiceNow Animation
  • CipherCloud for Office 365 Demo
  • Adobe Analytics Demo
  • 2 Minute Demo: CipherCloud for Salesforce
  • Salesforce Email2Case Demo
  • Salesforce Web2Case Demo
  • Salesforce Live Agent
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics
  • TierCRM Demo
  • Conga Composer Demo
  • Informatica Demo
  • InGenius Demo
  • DupeCatcher Demo
  • Gobanet Demo
  • Good Technologies Demo
  • Jitterbit Demo
  • Riva Demo


Watch ‘Chalk Talk’, customer, and industry expert videos on cloud security.

  • CipherCloud- Introduction to CipherCloud
  • CipherCloud- Cloud Access Security Broker Platform Overview
  • CipherCloud- Platform Overview
  • Bring Enterprise Security to Salesforce using CipherCloud: Dreamforce 2016
  • CipherCloud at Infosec UK 2016
  • Watch Chalk Talk Video: Security Brokers Around Salesforce
  • Watch ChalkTalk Video: File Sharing and Collaboration 101
  • Salesforce App Mavericks Series: Interview with CipherCloud
  • Interview with Steve Daniels Business Information Officer SVP, U.S. Bank
  • Fireside Chat: Marc Andreessen and CipherCloud at RSA 2015
  • Interview with Jaroen Blass at Infosec UK 2016
  • Interview with Willy Leichter at Infosec UK 2016
  • Comparing Gateway Protection with Cloud Protection Encryption
  • Interview with PJ Hasleton IT Security and Operations, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Interview with Marc Andreessen
    Co-founder and General Partner,
    Marc Andreessen
  • Do Local Data Centers Solve the Residency Issue?
  • Cloud Chat: Interview with Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer, Intel Security
  • Interview with Manjit Singh
    Former CIO Sands & Chiquita
    Current: CIO, Clorox
  • Interview with Niko Kluyver Founder & CEO, Caribbean Credit Bureau
  • Interview with Col. Cedric Leighton
    Former Deputy Training Director NSA
  • Interview with Matt Clemenson Co CEO, Les Concierges
  • Interview with Tim Alcott
    Co-founder and Director Manufacturing, Courtagen Life Sciences
  • Interview with Bob West
    Founder and CEO, Echelon One