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Recognized Leadership vs Claims of Leadership

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Written by David Berman

 horse and rider soar over city

Getting Beyond the Noise

Technology products often are overhyped, and products in the CASB space are no exception. CASB players proliferate amid an abundance of venture money and self-proclaimed market and technology leadership. Customers rely on competitive analysis from independent sources to cut through the noise and provide a clear picture of what vendors really have to offer.

The first report to detail vendor strengths and weaknesses in the CASB marketplace has now been published by KuppingerCole analysts, specialists in information security. The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass is a comprehensive assessment of CASB vendors that analyzes overall functionality, customer strength, partner ecosystem support, and more. 

The report covers CASB technology domains, including:

  • Shadow IT
  • Data Security
  • Access Control
  • Compliance
  • Cyber Security

The KuppingerCole methodology includes industry expert opinion, customer feedback, and technical evaluation. The extensive analysis provides an authoritative source for customer evaluation.

In this first-ever report to compare CASB vendors in detail, CipherCloud is assessed as the overall leader.

Overall Leadership

KuppingCole’s analysis of CASB vendors measures each vendor’s market position, financial strength, technology innovation, and ecosystem support. In addition to the company’s overall leadership, CipherCloud also is highlighted in the report as better positioned than any other dedicated CASB vendor among the market leaders KuppingerCole identifies.

KupperingCole states, “In the Overall Leadership, we find a number of vendors in the Leaders segment. Of these CipherCloud maintains a clear lead.”

Vendors to the right are better positioned.

Vendors to the right are better positioned.

Innovation Leadership

Just as important as market leadership is innovation. Innovation leadership translates directly into customer benefits that include:

  • Able to add new customer-focused features
  • Able to address emerging threats to cloud environments
  • Able to adapt to new use cases and add new clouds

Innovation is a key metric for IT leaders that want to maximize their investment in new technology. And once again, the KuppingerCole report finds CipherCloud to be far and away the innovation leader.

Vendors to the right are better positioned.

Vendors to the right are better positioned.

Capabilities KuppingerCole cites as CipherCloud strengths include:

  • Advanced encryption and tokenization to ensure compliance
  • Granular access controls by user and role at the field and file levels
  • Support for leading identity provider integrations
  • Customers that have achieved a wide range of compliance and 
data security standards

As the KuppingerCole report summarizes, “CipherCloud provides a strong solution for securing data held in SaaS services and for controlling access to that data.”

Bottom Line

As your organization moves business applications to the cloud, you should carefully assess which CASB vendors can address your critical security and compliance needs, today and in the future.

Independent comparisons like the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass can cancel out the noise of unsupported claims so you can focus on the real market and innovation leaders.

We invite you to read the full report.

Download your free copy of the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass.

Read CipherCloud’s press release on the KuppingerCole report.