CipherCloud Platform

The CASB Platform That Takes Action

The purpose of a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution is to put you back in control of your business-critical cloud applications. CipherCloud is a true security company, and we provide a complete CASB solution that takes action to eliminate threats and protect your data. As the pioneers in cloud encryption and tokenization, we deliver a complete enterprise solution providing extensive visibility, adaptive policy controls, and unrivaled data protection.


The cloud is inevitable, and your sensitive data will almost certainly go into cloud applications or is already there. CipherCloud gives you the visibility and control to combat today’s threats, from Shadow IT, and user accidents, to malicious insiders, resourceful hackers, account hijacking, legal subpoenas and unwanted surveillance.

“All cloud services pose risks.”Forrester


The CipherCloud Platform gives you a clear view into what clouds are in use, where your data is going, and where security problems may lurk. We monitor and rate over 15,000 cloud applications and our intuitive drill-down dashboard lets you identify all clouds and block risky apps. Continuous monitoring of end-user and privileged user activity helps you maintain compliance while machine learning can spot anomalies that can indicate new threats.


Visibility is just the starting point, and CipherCloud lets you take action without interfering with business. Content scanning identifies sensitive content and take action with context-aware, role-based policy controls. Tight integration with many cloud apps preserves all your business functionality, and if there’s a problem you have the widest range of policy actions – including notifications, quarantine, user self-remediation, or encrypting sensitive data all the way to the endpoint.


CipherCloud is the industry pioneer in applying strong protection to sensitive data – whether it’s known structured data, or unknown and unpredictable user files, notes, or collaboration.

CipherCloud delivers the widest range of strong encryption and tokenization options, preserving the functionality of your applications, while you always keep the keys and maintain control. CipherCloud protects your sensitive data persistently – all the way to the endpoint, and is the only CASB vendor with integrated desktop and mobile apps protecting the complete lifecycle of your cloud data.

“Data is your responsibility, not the cloud provider’s.
When things go wrong, you are liable.”Gartner

Deploy It Your Way
With Multiple Protection Modes

Whether your organization operates largely on-premises, or is cloud-first, CipherCloud provides deployment options to meet your needs. The Platform is available in the cloud with options for on-premises gateways, and hybrid key management.

CipherCloud also protects clouds apps in multiple ways. Inline gateways deliver zero-knowledge security while API-based cloud integration can monitor activity and apply policies to data already in the cloud, or accessible by remote users, partners, and mobile devices.

Enterprise and Ecosystem Integration

CipherCloud provides extensive integration capabilities with on-premises and cloud ecosystems connecting to DLP, SSO, directories, databases, custom apps, SIEM, and more. Broad ecosystem support for key clouds like Salesforce supports over 100 third-party apps.

Industry Experience

CipherCloud protects data for more leading global enterprises than all other vendors in the space – combined. We have unrivaled expertise in solving large-scale, complex cloud security and integration challenges, while helping customer in many industries meet security and compliance requirements.