Marc Andreessen on the state of Cybersecurity: “We’re Building the Future”

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Written by Lara White

Earlier this year at the RSA conference, we were honored to host noted venture capitalist and CipherCloud investor Marc Andreessen at a fireside chat and Q&A. asset1380302975A longtime technology thought leader, Andreessen had plenty to say about the state of the security landscape and where things are headed. Here are some highlights, and you can watch the full video below.

Today’s threat landscape

We’ve said it before: More major corporate data breaches are ahead, and enterprises must make cybersecurity a priority—not to prevent breaches, but to mitigate the damage when breaches inevitably happen. Andreessen agrees.

“The bad news,” he said, “is security as a problem obviously is intensifying enormously.” These days, it’s not paranoia to see threats everywhere—it’s just good common sense. Among the “pervasive threats” Andreessen named are nation states both friendly and hostile, cybercriminals, and activists: “a very broad cross-section of actors.”

“In the world we live in, for the next 30 years, we’re going to see steadily intensifying attacks,” Andreessen predicted.

Encryption as the solution

As CipherCloud customers already know, we consider cloud data encryption key to addressing the cloud security challenges of today and tomorrow. When applied to sensitive data at the appropriate strengths and in a manner that enables the enterprise to retain exclusive access to and control of the encryption keys, cloud data encryption ensures that even if data is leaked or stolen, it will remain unreadable to all unauthorized parties. In other words, it will be safe from exposure even in the event of a breach.

Andreessen takes our philosophy a step further.

“It’s time to encrypt all the information,” he said. “Most authentication for most computer systems in the world is still not two-factor. It’s time to make everything two-factor.  As you guys know, these are very substantial upgrades. These are very substantial implementation efforts, but it’s time to take on the really serious challenges.”

Why cloud data protection matters

Of course, there are still some organizations who see the problems of cloud data security as easily solvable the old-fashioned way: by avoiding the cloud altogether. Andreessen agrees with CipherCloud that this is simply not the right solution. In fact, avoiding the cloud only courts disaster.

“The world is moving, and the new applications and the new capabilities are going to be cloud-oriented,” Andreessen told us. “Your users are going to end up using them whether you know they are or not. You might as well get in front of it.”

Watch our fireside chat with Marc Andreessen here:

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