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Introducing CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce

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Written by Willy Leichter

Visibility and Control are key to effective cloud information protection. You can’t protect your data if you don’t know who’s accessing it, what they’re doing with it, or where it’s going.

Our new Data Discovery & Monitoring announced last week at Dreamforce 2013 provides enterprises with enhanced intelligence, data discovery, data loss prevention policy checking, user activity monitoring, and anomaly detection. This solution is e especially critical when it comes to the kind of sensitive customer data commonly sent to the Salesforce cloud.

Salesforce is already a powerful, invaluable tool for many enterprises. CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring will help you lock down your data while it’s in the Salesforce cloud, freeing your business to reap the maximum business benefits while proactively defending their intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII) and other forms of sensitive data from a broad range of security and compliance risks.”

Anomaly Detection

The Anomaly Detection module enables you to catch red flags and identify and shut down suspicious behavior within your Salesforce activity, whether it’s an outsider attempting to break into an account or an insider attempting to steal confidential information. Among the anomalies this module can detect are:

  • Excessively large downloaded files
  • Excessive attachment and report download frequency
  • Access during unusual hours
  • Excessive failed login attempts

After detecting an anomalous event, Anomaly Detection will assign a normalized severity index to assist you in addressing the DLP issue.

Data Discovery

Anomaly Detection looks for activity commonly associated with malicious intent and insider threats. Your cloud information protection strategy doesn’t stop there, though—your enterprise has its own DLP policy, most likely shaped by your regulatory compliance requirements. The Cloud Data Discovery module assists with policy enforcement by fetching enterprise data from the Salesforce cloud and scanning it against your DLP policy to discover policy violations.

Enterprises that must remain PCI- or HIPAA-compliant will find the Cloud Data Discovery functionality especially handy, thanks to our native DLP engine. We also integrate with on-premises DLP systems such as those from RSA and Symantec, making this task significantly easier than with competitor solutions. You’ll be able to scan and drill down into data sent to Salesforce, quickly identifying any DLP policy violations and their causes. You’ll also be able to narrow the window of non-compliance by rapidly identifying newly added Salesforce data that puts your business out of compliance with relevant policies and regulations.

User Activity Monitoring

As we can see from above, most DLP concerns revolve around employee activity, whether it’s malicious or merely careless. That’s what makes the User Activity Monitoring (UAM) module vital to your overall Salesforce information protection plan. UAM enables you to track Salesforce activity at a very granular level: by user, by device, and by activities performed in the Salesforce cloud.

We offer more granular user information than any of our competitors. It isn’t just about the users, devices, and IP addresses, but also about the details of the objects they access, such as leads, opportunities, or contacts, and what kinds of things they do with those objects. Concerned about the activities of an employee who’s soon to leave the company, or who you have reason to believe is an insider threat? UAM can give you the information you need to keep your data safe.

You can’t fully protect your data if you don’t know what’s going on with it, and you certainly can’t fully protect if it you haven’t got a handle on insider threats. By providing deep, granular insight into your users and their activity within the Salesforce cloud, CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce will give you that handle and help ensure a safe experience in the Salesforce cloud.


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