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InfoSecurity Europe 2014: Cloud Discovery and Cloud Data Encryption Lead the Way

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Written by Michael Higashi

Security experts increasingly agree that in the cloud era, enterprises must look to data-centric security strategies to protect their data. That was a key takeaway from this year’s Infosecurity Europe conference in London, where talk of migrating to the cloud dominated and panel speakers advocated a focus on data for BYOD and cloud security.

One of the reasons data-centric security is becoming increasingly important is the ever-growing scale and complexity of attacks on corporations. As Steve Gold wrote for SC Magazine UK, C-suite executives are anxious to know how they can defend against the new threats that are out there. The answer, according to security experts at InfoSecurity Europe, is a multi-layered approach to security. And since security exists to secure the data, it must start there.

Data security also looks set to matter more from a legal perspective than ever before. Speaking at InfoSecurity Europe 2014, David Smith, deputy commissioner of the EU Information Commissioner’s Office, predicts new data protection and breach notification laws by 2017. Want to future-proof your compliance strategy? The time to start is now.

When it comes to data-centric security, cloud data encryption is, of course, critical. But before you can apply cloud encryption to your enterprise data, you must know where your data is going. That’s where our new CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery solution comes in.

Discovery is one of the first, and most important steps towards data protection and regulatory compliance. Which cloud applications are employees using? How much of a risk do each of those cloud applications pose? Which ones need to be shut down? And you can’t rely on your company’s list of approved cloud applications for the answers. Shadow IT—the practice of adopting IT solutions like cloud storage and services without the knowledge or involvement of the IT department—is very real and very common. Enterprises need clear visibility into their employees’ cloud applications

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CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery provides that visibility. Free from CipherCloud, the solution enables enterprises to identify the cloud services their employees use, including CRM, file sharing, collaboration, and cloud-based productivity applications. In addition, CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery draws on CipherCloud’s knowledge base of thousands of cloud applications to assign risk scores to each one discovered. With that knowledge, IT teams can make more informed decisions about their companies’ cloud usage—and apply cloud data encryption wherever it’s needed.

Since we launched CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery last month, we’ve already gotten great press on the solution. Over at Forbes, Ben Kepes pointed out “the almost certain fact that enterprises will uncover significant use of rogue cloud applications within their organization.” ARN‘s Brian Karlovsky observed that “adding these discovery capabilities to CipherCloud’s cloud security controls delivers a powerful combination for protecting data from risks in the cloud.” And over on Cloud Computing Today, Arnal Dayaratna wrote that “CipherCloud continues to sharpen its branding and value proposition as an integrated cloud security platform” with the release of CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery.

Visibility and awareness are absolutely vital to data protection, especially in the cloud era. That’s why the analysts and experts at conferences like InfoSecurity Europe 2014 are so bullish on data-centric security solutions like cloud encryption. And now you can move towards data-centric security by achieving total visibility and awareness of your enterprise’s cloud usage for free with CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery. Give it a try—you may be surprised at the results.

How confident are you that you know every cloud application employees in your company use? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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