Five Ways Enhanced Salesforce Compliance Tackles Cloud Data Privacy

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Written by Michael Higashi

5_ways_enhanced_salesforce_compliance_tackles_cloud_data_privacy5 Ways Enhanced Salesforce Compliance Tackles Cloud Data Privacy

When it comes to regulatory compliance, cloud data privacy is key. And cloud information protection doesn’t just stop with structured data such as credit card, social security, or account number fields. Regulatory and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy violations often originate in unstructured data and insider threats, too.

CipherCloud’s new Data Discovery & Monitoring tools for Salesforce were purpose-built to tackle your enterprise’s compliance in Salesforce. Here are five ways the new modules can help.

1. Data Discovery can address inadvertent DLP violations.

Do you know what information your employees are putting into the notes, emails, or Chatter posts that go through and into Salesforce? And do they know what information they should, and should not, share using those methods? Maybe they’re posting credit card numbers in Chatter posts or emails, oblivious to how this endangers your customers’ cloud data privacy.

Unstructured data is more difficult to protect than discrete data fields. The Data Discovery module addresses this challenge by giving you visibility into your unstructured data and the ability to encrypt it either automatically or on an as-needed basis, preventing and resolving inadvertent DLP violations.

2. Data Discovery can shorten your periods of noncompliance.

It isn’t just about dealing with existing noncompliance issues in unstructured data, though. Employees add new data to Salesforce all the time, and within that new data, there may be new violations. Cloud data privacy is a moving target. What matters is your speed of response. Data Discovery can quickly identify new instances of noncompliance. The sooner you identify a violation, the sooner your business is in compliance.

3. Anomaly Detection can alert you to unauthorized access attempts.

Anomaly Detection pinpoints and alerts anomalous user activity (such as excessive downloads, login failures, unusual working hours) based on thresholds configured by the customer.

Rapid response is key to preventing unauthorized access. Employees attempting to get unauthorized access rarely have good intentions. Anomaly detection identifies excessive failed login attempts so that your security team can stop the break-ins before they happen, keeping your data safe.

CipherCloud’s anomaly detection can detect a range of activity types and assign a severity index for each types of anomaly.

4. Anomaly Detection can also alert you to potential insider threats.

Insiders, whether they’re looking to embarrass the company or profit from the disclosure or sale of confidential corporate data, are dangerous. And how can you tell who’s up to no good within your user base?

Anomaly Detection can catch the first signs of planned data theft or DLP violations. By identifying suspicious activity, such as an employee downloading an excessive amount of data, or downloading data more frequently than normal, the module can raise a red flag long before anything bad happens.

5. User Activity Monitoring helps protect against insider threats, too.

The User Activity Monitoring module works alongside Anomaly Detection to identify suspicious activity at an individual level. User Activity Monitoring provides detailed, granular visibility into users’ actions in your Salesforce cloud, including the ability to drill down by individual and to monitor exactly what types of objects they’re accessing, from lead data to credit card information and everything in between. If you’ve got a reason to suspect a particular employee of suspicious activity, User Activity Monitoring can give you the tools to investigate.

Salesforce is a powerful tool that has enhanced the operations of enterprises worldwide. Now, companies can adopt it with even more confidence, knowing that the tools offered by CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring will help enhance their compliance and cloud data privacy even more. That’s how something great becomes even better.

Visit CipherCloud’s Salesforce section and see how CipherCloud protects your data before it leaves your organization, giving you exclusive control, regardless of where it resides.

What do you consider the worst threats to cloud data privacy? Let us know in the comments.

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