Enable Everything as a Service with CipherCloud and ServiceNow


Written by Stanley Chan

This year’s theme at ServiceNow’s annual conference Knowledge15 was, Everything as a Service (XaaS). It’s a bold and realistic vision that enterprises can transform practically any business process and interaction into a simple application from the cloud. IMAG5526ServiceNow was borne out of the ITSM world, but the concept of a service requester and fulfiller not only to the IT and Help Desk world but to any employee and customer interaction. Makes sense for ServiceNow, who refers to itself as “The Enterprise Cloud Company”.

ServiceNow is changing the way people work and Fred Luddy, Founder & Chief Product Officer, showed live demos of this during his keynote at Knowledge15.  He showed real time engagement with information on various connected devices using a ServiceNow instance on his iPhone and later even pulled in a member of his team to show a demo on an Apple Watch simulator (before any have shipped to consumers).  What ServiceNow was conveying and what Fred referenced, is exactly what Geoffrey Moore anticipated in Crossing the Chasm – predicting the future of IT moving from systems of records to systems of engagement.

Systems of records don’t offer real time communication and definitely don’t foster collaboration…the missing component is engagement, which humans essentially need in their daily work lives.  These types of engagement usually occur in our personal life versus our work life but that’s all changing, with BYOD and Shadow IT amongst the hot topics of IT professionals trying to gain control with the vast number of applications we all use to make work easier.  ServiceNow is letting us know that essentially you can leverage existing tools and capabilities of your connected devices to enable Everything as a Service.  But what about protecting this “Everything as a Service” and how would you do this if you still have the on-premises version of ServiceNow?  Are you not leveraging the cloud because there are regulations and compliances holding you back?  Take advantage of ServiceNow and enable Everything as a Service with CipherCloud for ServiceNow.  We expand the use of ServiceNow for business process that handle private, sensitive or regulated data.  Here’s what CipherCloud for ServiceNow can solve for you:

  • Accelerate your cloud first initiatives while ensuring compliance
  • Increase operational efficiencies with heightened data security
  • Optimize sensitive business processes with privacy controls

To learn more about what CipherCloud for ServiceNow can unlock for you, join our upcoming webinar on May 28th at 8:00 am PDT (11:00 am EDT): Enable ServiceNow with Data Security, Visibility, and Compliance

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