Investment Management Leader Offers Better Services While Saving Money

This company safely moved customer-facing applications to Salesforce…
  • Headquarters: Boston
  • Industry: Investment Management
  • Products: Investment management, mutual funds
  • Assets under management: $750+B
  • Clients: 2,100 institutional clients in 50 countries
  • Move customer-facing applications to Salesforce platforms
  • Incorporate additional third-party applications
  • Needed to meet privacy regulations in multiple countries
  • CipherCloud for Salesforce and
  • Seamless migration for 600+ users
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Successful collaboration led by integration partner, Accenture
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Met privacy and compliance requirements in multiple countries

Mutual Fund Giant Securely Encrypts Multiple Customer Applications in the Cloud

Large Investment Firm Trusts CipherCloud to Safeguard Salesforce and Integrate with SSO, and MS Exchange


As the creator of the first balanced mutual fund in the U.S., this investment services company has been passionate about investing since its beginning in 1928. Their track record extends to nearly all sectors of the liquid, global securities markets. They begin every business day brainstorming on new ideas that can bring new portfolio opportunities and performance potential onto the horizon for their clients.

Like many other large financial organizations, this company realized the many advantages they could gain by moving customer-facing applications to the cloud, allowing them to reduce the expensive infrastructure and complexity of supporting custom in-house applications. The benefits would be numerous…but so were the risks so they set about seeking solutions that would enable them to move forward.


The company quickly settled on Salesforce (SFDC) as the right cloud platform for their customer-facing CRM system. Along with SFDC, they also wanted to work leverage for custom development, as well as integration several third-party applications such as single sign-on (SSO), and Microsoft Exchange through CipherCloud’s Any App. They also had plans to collaborate with their partner, Accenture, for some integration services.

Their objective involved all these different components and would benefit partners and clients in up to 50 different countries. But before beginning, they needed to lay the groundwork to ensure the security aspect of all these options in the cloud – respecting all the various international laws — before they could move forward with their cloud objective.

The solution needed to:

  • Secure sensitive information stored in Salesforce across global office locations
  • Provide data encryption and tokenization on a granular level, field-by-field
  • Deploy a robust, scalable and proven cloud security solution

Knowing encryption was going to be a key part of their security piece, the company approached CipherCloud. CipherCloud for Salesforce provides seamless AES 256-bit encryption on the Salesforce platform, applied field-by-field as granularly as the client needs and across as many fields as desired.

The added security on all these cloud applications is completely transparent to more than 600 users.  They can carry on with their usual functions as normal – performing searches, running reports, chat sessions, and so on. CipherCloud for Salesforce security an also tokenize field data as needed. They also successfully implemented SSO, MS Exchange, and their collaborative initiative with Accenture.


This company was pleased with the successful rollout of the Salesforce, and platform. They accomplished their goal to provide a collaborative cloud environment for clients and partners, while also meeting a variety of financial and privacy laws in many countries.