Leading Payment Systems Provider

Seamless encryption ensures PCI compliance across multiple cloud apps…
  • Headquarters: Ohio
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Services: Merchant services payment technology, payment processing
  • Founded: 1971
  • Volume: $530B annually
  • Moving key tools to the cloud for collaboration, call centers, and CRM
  • Needed consistent PCI compliance across multiple cloud applications
  • Had to ensure that clear-text account data would never be compromised
  • CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter
  • Deep encryption and across Salesforce platform helps meet PCI requirements
  • A single platform supports multiple Salesforce functions and applications
  • Dramatic savings on email infrastructure costs
  • Levels of data protection even better than in-house

Payment Processing Leader Trusts CipherCloud Encryption for Cloud Applications

CipherCloud for Salesforce Helps Meet PCI Compliance for CRM, Call Centers, and Social Media Communication


One of the nation’s largest payment processing organization supports the processing of 15.4 billion transactions annually. Their innovative team of committed professionals has earned a reputation of trust and respect for over 40 years, serving over 400,000 merchants who’ve helped drive the global transition from cash to electronic payments across the US and in multiple countries.

This payment processing company planned to move key tools to the cloud, including call centers and its CRM system. They also intended to use Chatter as the messaging platform for collaboration and social media communication. PCI compliance was the first-and-foremost factor to address before the company could launch their multiple cloud applications.


Salesforce and its collaboration product, Chatter, was the cloud platform the payment processing company chose for their CRM and call center implementation. Enterprise-wide use of Chatter would be a good fit for the collaborative communication and social media interaction. They also wanted to integrate the solution with DocuSign and CipherCloud Web Services. In order for the company to deploy this program, they needed a seamless encryption and compliance solution to apply to their:

  • Cloud service for managing call center operations
  • Cloud CRM / sales implementation
  • Enterprise-wide use of Chatter for collaboration and social media

CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter brought the security solution the company needed, providing AES 256-bit encryption for:

  • PCI data for 5,000 external ISOs
  • PCI and customer data in internal CRM
  • All Chatter posts for 3,000 users

Additionally, CipherCloud’s solution supported integration with the company’s partner solutions, DocuSign and CipherCloud Web Services. CipherCloud applied encryption to the apps they desired, a measure which brought no latency to the cloud applications. This allows users to experience high performance when using the partner call center operations, the CRM interface, and Chatter.

The company also maintains ownership of the encryption keys, placing them in control of their data and furthering their compliance objectives.


Thanks to the ability to assure PCI compliance, the global organization was able to move multiple applications to the cloud. The single CipherCloud solution was able to integrate deeply into Salesforce to provide consistent encryption, security, and visibility across the various Salesforce functions. An added endorsement, major banks and third parties also validate the robust security solution.