Consolidates business operations and implements protection for sensitive data
  • Industry: Global Telecommunications
  • Products: Cloud, Hosting, Voice and Data
  • Employees: 90,000+
  • 30+ Countries
  • Fortune 250
  • Consolidation of disparate Salesforce instances
  • Centralize reporting and improve intelligence
  • Address regional and corporate requirements for data privacy in cloud
  • CipherCloud for Salesforce
  • Migration of Salesforce data to new protected instance
  • 20,000+ Salesforce users
  • AES encryption for sensitive data
  • Improved business intelligence from consolidated reporting capabilities
  • Extension of Salesforce to new lines of business
  • Compliance with regional and corporate privacy mandates

Europe’s Largest Telco Dials Up Cloud Security

Global Telecommunications Company Consolidates, Standardizes, and Secures Operations in the Cloud


With multiple offices throughout Europe, this company, one of the world’s largest for global telecommunications, needed to gain control over fourteen disparate implementations of Salesforce covering more than twenty-five countries across Europe.  With locally implemented Salesforce instances, the company was unable to derive comprehensive reports and consistently enforce corporate and regional requirements for data privacy across the entire business.  The lack of business intelligence impacted the company’s ability to understand its position within market and make informed decisions about the business.  The inability to enforce privacy policies for both customer and employee data put the company’s business and customers’ confidence at risk.


It was imperative for the company to rein in all these instances of Salesforce so it could standardize reporting, enforce corporate privacy policies, and increase overall business intelligence. The company needed to replace the regional implementations of Salesforce with a single instance managed by its office in Germany.

This company needed to:

  • Comply with regional mandates for data protection
  • Enforce corporate standards for customer and employee data privacy
  • Gain Granular, field-level security controls for both structured and free-form data
  • Maintain exclusive control over data encryption keys within the company
  • Perform reports on protected data within Salesforce
  • Migrate and apply policy to all existing Salesforce data into the new Salesforce instance

CipherCloud teamed with Accenture and Salesforce to help address all of the company’s requirements and deploy one of the largest Salesforce implementation in Europe. The team was able to consolidate and standardize fourteen instances of Salesforce into a single, standardized implementation for more than 20,000 users. During the migration process, CipherCloud for Salesforce was used to apply AES 256-bit encryption to more than forty Salesforce fields, addressing both regional and corporate requirements for privacy.  Because of the deep integration with Salesforce, CipherCloud for Salesforce enabled the company to apply its policy without impacting its usability or reporting capabilities.


CipherCloud for Salesforce provided an integrated solution that enabled Salesforce to be standardized across the business and compliant with privacy requirements without sacrificing key functionality.  This solution enabled the company to:

Improve business intelligence with comprehensive reporting

  • Extend Salesforce to new business lines previously restricted from using the cloud
  • Reduce costs by increasing the utilization and efficiency of Salesforce usage
  • Enforce protection of sensitive data and maintain control the encryption keys