Company lowers costs through secure cloud adoption in a highly regulated environment…
  • Industry: Aerospace and Defense systems
  • Employees: 7000+
  • Locations across Europe and North America
  • Products: Air Traffic Management, Flight Avionics, Satellite Systems
  • Use validated encryption for cloud-based IT service management
  • Protect asset information while preserving usability and performance
  • Obtain government accreditation for defense contractor IT systems
  • ServiceNow IT service management
  • CipherCloud for ServiceNow
  • Encrypted 150+ sensitive data fields in ServiceNow including free text knowledge base articles
  • Delivered immediate cost savings through improved operational efficiencies
  • Provided out-of-the-box integrations with HR, ERP, and systems management tools
  • Supported the cloud model strategy for future growth and agility
  • Ensured maximum protection of sensitive data

Defense Company IT Goes to the Cloud With ServiceNow and CipherCloud

European unit of global defense firm transforms IT with cloud delivery and layered data security from CipherCloud


The corporate initiative was to provide their users a cloud-based self-service portal with a searchable knowledge base of articles and a service catalog from which users could request a range of IT services, from simple storage devices for their desktops to work orders for engineering servers. They also wanted to manage their in-house service requests through a live feed with a manageable queue, automated workflows, and reporting.

While security was paramount, the company’s executives had additional requirements, which included the ability to integrate easily with their existing applications including HR databases, systems management tools and Enterprise ERP. They needed to automate data consumption from one system to another but much of the data was considered sensitive and required additional layers of data security.


The company was using an aging IT service management (ITSM) tool that needed to be replaced with a modern solution that could better support their internal and external operations. The business could not continue to absorb the costly staff and downtime required to maintain operations of the legacy ITSM tool.

In summary the company needed to:

  • Replace legacy on-premises ITSM with a more usable and scalable solution
  • Reduce on-premises footprint, management demands on staff, and support costs
  • Improve visibility with reporting, efficiency, and cost modeling
  • Integrate existing applications: HR databases, systems management tools and Enterprise ERP
  • Extend the solution across multiple locations

ServiceNow helps transform the ITSM model by allowing organizations to automate their processes and make them available “as-a-service” in the cloud. It offers the flexibility, scalability, and out-of-the-box integration capabilities. ServiceNow met all the functional criteria the organization required.

The ITSM systems contained asset and IT details for sensitive systems. Due to the sensitivity of this data, it required multiple layers of data security.

CipherCloud for ServiceNow enables organizations to encrypt or tokenize data before it goes into the cloud while maintaining exclusive access to protected data. The added layer of security that CipherCloud provided, along with the operational security that ServiceNow provides, enabled the company to receive the required security accreditation to move forward with the ServiceNow implementation.


The global defense firm is experiencing many ongoing benefits from its implementation of CipherCloud for ServiceNow.  ServiceNow provides the cloud-based ITSM functions they need, and CipherCloud encryption enables them to rely on the ServiceNow features with confidence that their data was protected, private and compliant in the cloud.

This solution enabled the company to:

  • Encrypt ServiceNow knowledge base (KB) articles and sensitive fields
  • Preserve searchability of encrypted and tokenized content
  • Efficiently manage, track, and stay informed on the status of thousands of user devices
  • Experience the full functionality of ServiceNow without impact to the user experience