CipherCloud helps hundreds of enterprises around the world adopt cloud applications, while assuring that sensitive information is protected and meets requirements for security, privacy, and compliance.


As banks around the world modernize they seek the benefits of cloud applications, but are often from blocked from using the cloud because of strict compliance requirements including global data privacy laws, GLBA, PCI, and the upcoming GDPR. No other CASB vendor can meet CipherCloud’s extensive experience enabling cloud adoption by leading banks globally – learn from the case studies below.

Top 3 US Bank’s Consumer Self-Service Loan Origination Portal

Top 5 Canadian Banks Safeguards Proprietary Information in the Cloud

Top Australian Bank Tokenizes Sensitive Chatter Posts


CipherCloud enables the financial services industry to benefit from cloud adoption, while protecting sensitive information and meeting compliance requirements including PCI and GLBA. Learn how CipherCloud solutions are used by leading companies in investment, brokerage, credit services, insurance and more.

Mutual Fund Giant Encrypts Data in Customer-Facing Cloud Applications

Mobile Payment Provider Assures PCI Compliance for Cloud Applications

Major Wall-Street Firm Adopts Cloud Applications with Confidence


The cloud offers great benefits to the healthcare industry – improving accessibility and information sharing, while reducing costs – but it also raises new risks of privacy and HIPAA compliance. Learn how CipherCloud allows healthcare organizations, pharmaceuticals, and insurance providers safely adopt the cloud, while maintaining direct control over private health information.

Major Hospital Chain Meets HIPAA, HITECH

Genomic Testing Leader Protects ePHI per HIPAA-HITECH

Health Insurance Provider Delivers Safe Cloud Portal to Patients


The high-tech and telco worlds have been leading adopters of cloud technology, yet concerns remain around security, protecting intellectual property, and compliance with industry regulations. Learn how CipherCloud enables technology companies to leverage the cloud, while preventing valuable data from getting into the wrong hands.

Large Telco Adds Compliance and Increases Utilization

Global Aerospace and Defense Leader



Government agencies around the world are moving to the cloud to streamline operations, improve accessibility, and reduce costs. But they also have legal obligations to protect private data sensitive information. CipherCloud works with governments globally to enable cloud adoption without losing control over critical data.

Government-Owned Mortgage Backer Protects PII Data in the Cloud