Data Access Control With Customer Controlled Encryption, in a Control Multi-Cloud Environment

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Written by Sundaram Lakshmanan

How does a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) ensure cloud security? It’s all about having visibility into how enterprise data is getting used in and from the cloud, thereby controlling access to it.

Multi-Cloud Environment
Organizations all over the world are transitioning to a multi-cloud environment and it is important to gain visibility within these clouds. In this day and age, with cloud and mobile, understanding the data flows across all these eco-systems is very essential to gain back control. It is important to realize that no cloud is an island – proliferation of the data that goes to the cloud is literally untraceable! In such an environment, when organizations delegate their control over the data to the cloud providers they do not have visibility into how the data gets used, where the data is actually stored, or who has access to the data besides the enterprise employees. The access controls provided by the cloud provider in the cloud applications is more to prevent the abuse of data by the good citizens, namely the employees. This brings up an important question, how does the enterprise gain the control back over its data?

Customer Controlled Encryption & Keys
The best way to gain control over the data, is to encrypt it and retain sole access to the key. A very important question that the enterprises will need to ask would be: Who can decrypt the data? By controlling access to the encryption key, one will be able to gain complete visibility and control over the data at all times. For e.g. know who is trying to access the data when they try to decrypt it, enforce the appropriate controls based on their roles, and thereby keep the data protected at all times from prying eyes.

Implementing a strong data protection solution, be it encryption or tokenization in a multi-cloud environment will protect all business-critical data, ensuring the privacy of enterprise customers, employees, and business partners. By enforcing policy controls to prevent data loss and to protect data, enterprises can ensure a good compliance posture as well and avoid costly breaches and breach notifications. With a good CASB, organizations can achieve all these without hindering their business workflows. It is essential to keep the control over the encryption key, so the organization, not the cloud provider, will control access to the data. With the rapidly evolving cloud environment, organizations must ensure visibility into all data access and gain full control over their data.

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