CipherCloud Unveils NEW Cloud Security Broker at RSA 2016

CASB, File Sharing

Written by Michael Higashi

RSA 2016 in San Francisco, was all abuzz with CASB and cloud security products galore. CipherCloud seemed to steal the show floor at RSA, while simultaneously amassing over 10 InfoSecurity Magazine awards (including the Grand Trophy) – as we unveiled the NEW Cloud Security Broker and CipherCloud Trust Platform.

The film crew from Trilogy Tech Talk noticed the buzz and stopped by to film an in-booth interview with CipherCloud’s Ankur Shah, Sr. Director of Products. Here are some of the highlights, along with the full video interview.

Trilogy Tech Talk: All right. Tell me a little bit more about Cloud Security Broker from CipherCloud.

Ankur: Traditionally what happened was over the last three or four years we were focusing on providing security through inline gateways. All your Cloud traffic goes through our gateways. About a couple of years ago we started working on this API protection model where the employees in the enterprises are not going through a gateway. They are just working with the Cloud applications. We provide protection and security through API technologies. It’s pretty seamless, very easy from a user experience standpoint no impact at all. People can be productive however they want. We just add another layer of security and data protection on top of that in a very seamless and easy manner. That’s a solution we are launching. We are going to be supporting 10 Clouds – Box, Office 365, Salesforce, S3, Azure and so on and so forth. We are pretty excited about it.

Trilogy Tech Talk: Ankur, how are you guys differentiating yourselves amongst the other players, especially in the CASB market?

Ankur: Yeah, absolutely. In the CASB market, as you guys know, there are a lot of players. The way we differentiate ourselves is that we are the number one company when it comes to data protection or encryption. Bar none, as it pertains to Cloud application we provide field and file level encryption to all sensitive data. We feel that that’s really the nirvana, the Cloud security nirvana. We solve it. We do it really, really well. As a company we have always embarked on a journey where we solve the hard problems first. Solving for encryption all while making sure that the user experience is intact is really the nirvana. We have solved that problem. That’s how we differentiate. In addition to that, we do anomaly detection, DLP integration and activity monitoring really, really well as well. Encryption is where we really shine.

Trilogy Tech Talk: Who are your customers?

Ankur: We have 7 out of 10 global banks, some of the largest healthcare providers, and government customers. Our sweet spot is global 500. This is where we really shine. All companies on different verticals, but Fin Serv and healthcare are where really our strengths are.

Trilogy Tech Talk: One last question, what are some business problems that people approach you with?

Ankur: Yeah, absolutely. For different types of Clouds there are different types of problems. Clouds like Box, Office 365 and Dropbox, the typical problem is there are more ways for employees to upload content and share content on any device. Now you have scenarios whereby confidential customer data is going everywhere. For every document that somebody uploads, it’s being shared with five other people. The documents are everywhere. Customers are worried. They don’t feel like they have control over the data. Where CipherCloud comes into the picture is it provides governance, compliance and data protection on data that’s shared anywhere. That’s why customers come.