How CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter Encrypts Sensitive Information and Helps Compliance

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Written by Michael Higashi

CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter EncryptionFor the connected enterprise, Salesforce’s Chatter enterprise social network is a powerful tool. The Salesforce-integrated real-time communication and collaboration increases productivity, streamlines and accelerates knowledge sharing, and boosts employee engagement for faster business decisions and results. Enterprises that must operate in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, however, must balance business speed with compliance. Encryption of the data in Salesforce Chatter can overcome these challenges and ensure that you still get the most out of Chatter without running afoul of the regulations. Here are three reasons why.

1. CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter encrypts sensitive information in unstructured formats.

These days many enterprises have a lot of unstructured data. Unstructured data, can pose problems thanks to its unstructured nature. Technically, a chat message is a data field, but the information it contains isn’t strictly limited to one type of data. It can contain anything—including data that falls under the scope of various privacy regulations. CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter encrypts sensitive information in those chats (and emails and files and case studies) remains secure.

2. CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter grants you safe harbor.

One of the commonalities of most data privacy regulations these days is “safe harbor.” Essentially, safe harbor means that enterprises are only obligated to publicly disclose data breaches if that data is actually readable to outsiders’ eyes. If the encryption keys haven’t been stolen, then the data isn’t readable, and the organization doesn’t have to report the leak. So if you retain exclusive control of your encryption keys and some of your organization’s Chatter data is breached, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of a public breach notification.

3. CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter increases your awareness.

Control and awareness are at the heart of any compliance strategy. Simply by taking the CTA_Discover_Webinartime to consider and apply CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter, you’ll gain additional awareness of what your teams are sharing on Chatter. That additional awareness will help you understand where you need to apply more controls and where you may need to adjust your overall compliance and security policies. Additionally, the other monitoring and visibility tools CipherCloud integrates into Salesforce enable you to keep track user activity and access to data, closing any remaining compliance gaps you may have.

All of this wouldn’t be possible, of course, if CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter encryption reduced the functionality of your Chatter deployment. Fortunately for our customers, CipherCloud’s Cloud Information Protection solution and all of its components—including CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter — are purpose-built to integrate smoothly with the Salesforce platform. You’ll be able to maintain the privacy and integrity of your sensitive corporate data, without losing the usability and benefits of Salesforce’s cloud offerings.

What compliance concerns do you have about Salesforce Chatter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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