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CipherCloud Achieves Coveted ISV Status with

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Written by Michael Higashi

CipherCloud Achieves Coveted ISV Status with


We’re pleased to announce that CipherCloud, the leader in cloud information protection, hasexpanded our partnership to become the first ISV partner to provide cloud encryption and tokenization solutions on AppExchange.

Our collaboration with over the last three years has helped a large number of enterprise organizations and government agencies around the globe to address the data privacy, security and compliance challenges that come with moving information to the cloud. Together, CipherCloud and have made it possible for customers to innovate – to configure the cloud environments their businesses need and defend these clouds with the security, governance and residency capabilities their respective industries and governments require.

Customer Milestones – Bringing Protection Controls to the Cloud

Customers across 14 countries including US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Brazil to name a few have worked with CipherCloud to address their data protection needs as they have adopted the cloud.

Some of these customer milestones have included the enablement of:

  • A global bank’s creation of a consumer portal for mortgage loans
  • A multi-national manufacturing company’s ability to comply with government contracts restricting off-shore data residency
  • A number of different major healthcare providers ability to ensure that they meet HIPAA, and HITECH compliance of their patient records
  • A large APAC insurance group to create innovative phone and web-based healthcare services
  • Multiple large banks to migrate their banking applications to the public cloud while complying with industry regulations regarding data protection
  • Several financial services companies ability to develop cloud-based CRM and collaboration tools while protecting their private customer information

Beyond 2013 – Partnering to Deliver Impactful Cloud Information Protection

And as the world enters the final months of 2013, we see new opportunities to jointly pursue With Gartner estimating $131 billion public cloud spending by the end of 2013 and the recent NSA surveillance disclosures, enterprise organizations moving to the cloud have a clear mandate: they must proactively protect their intellectual property, personally identifiable information and other forms of sensitive data from a broad range of security and compliance risks.

These macro trends have created new headwinds for our ISV partnership, which combines the endless cloud development capabilities of with CipherCloud’s ground-breaking platform to enable companies to trust the cloud.

We look forward to continue forging our partnership, and together, to delivering additional innovations for cloud information protection to’s diverse customer ecosystem.

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