Choosing a Cloud Encryption Provider: Confidence is Key


Written by Lara White

Trust and confidence are key when it comes to choosing your information security providers, and cloud encryption is no different. CASBNot only do you have to trust that your cloud encryption provider will handle your encryption keys appropriately—a concern you can eliminate by choosing one that hands over exclusive control of the encryption keys to you—but you must also be confident that your cloud encryption provider will be around for the long haul. CipherCloud is, as 451 Research’s December 2014 report on CipherCloud shows.

In “CipherCloud looks to stay at the head of the cloud security class with $50m funding,” 451 Research takes a look at CipherCloud’s strengths and examines why we’re “growing up faster than the rest of the kids.” Take a look.

Expansive features

As 451 Research points out, “Securing the ‘cloud’ is a daunting task, with a wide variety of architectures (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and deployment methods (public, private, hybrid) that each present their own unique security challenges.” CipherCloud’s rapid addition of features to our base encryption gateway is designed to meet many of those challenges and secure multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Among those features are several that 451 Research pointed out:

Expansive growth

Another indicator of CipherCloud’s strength in the market is our company growth. As 451 Research acknowledged, our headcount grew by over 100 percent in the last year alone; our headcount has surpassed 500, and in addition to our San Jose headquarters, we have regional offices in London to enable our rapidly expanding European operations and Sydney and Tokyo to support the need for CipherCloud in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, our three million users in over 25 countries and 11 verticals have helped us grow our revenue by over 200 percent—and, of course, we’ve raised a total of $80m in investment funds to date.

Limited competition

451 Research admits that CipherCloud hasn’t had much trouble with the competition to date, and we don’t see much trouble brewing in our future, either. “Some CAC [Cloud Access Control] vendors are adding encryption to their SaaS discovery and monitoring capabilities,” 451 Research reports, but even the largest incumbents will have a lot of work to do and a lot of ground to cover before they can hope to rival our existing partnerships and integrations with cloud leaders like Salesforce, Box, Microsoft, and ServiceNow.

All in all, the future’s looking rosy for CipherCloud, and the work that we continue to do in developing new features and solutions to secure sensitive enterprise data in the cloud will help ensure our continued success and growth in the burgeoning cloud security market. Offerings like our FIPS 140-2 validated Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE) mitigate many of the issues around encrypting data in third-party applications, and there’s more to come as we meet the new challenges of enterprise cloud computing.

To learn more about 451 Research’s analysis of CipherCloud, read “CipherCloud looks to stay at the head of the cloud security class with $50m funding” today.