Unprotected File Sharing Gets Expensive

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A Recent $2 Million HIPAA Penalty for Exposed Patient Data If you work in a health care organization and handle sensitive patient health data, you’ve probably heard about the recent case in which US regulators hit St. Joseph Health System with a penalty of $2.14 million for HIPAA violations. That penalty is just the tip of the iceberg: St. Joseph …

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Cloud Data Security Lessons from the Healthcare Industry

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When it comes to data privacy, the healthcare industry is one of the most strictly regulated. It stands to reason, therefore, that the healthcare industry should be among the most conservative when it comes to adopting the cloud. Surprisingly, that is not the case. According to recent CipherCloud research, cloud adoption is pervasive across all industries, including the healthcare industry. …


HIPAA Compliance: Why Data Discovery Matters

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In the healthcare industry, securing patients’ electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is paramount for HIPAA compliance. Nothing hammers this home quite as much as the real-world consequences that organizations face for even inadvertent lapses in data protection, as demonstrated by the $4.8 million settlement New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University just paid the government. As reported on the Wall Street Journal‘s CIO …

Case Study: Large Healthcare Company Meets HIPAA / HITECH Rules in the Cloud with CipherCloud

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, the cloud can be a life-saver. Connectivity leads to improved information sharing, responsiveness, and health and business outcomes; it’s a must for today’s distributed, often globalized healthcare networks. But in the healthcare industry, cloud and connectivity aren’t as simple as choosing a service and turning it on. Regulations like HIPAA and HITECH govern …


4 Security Risks of HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

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To put ePHI in the cloud, or not to put ePHI in the cloud? That was once the question, but these days, the economics of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS make cloud computing ever more inevitable, even for HIPAA covered entities. For those covered entities, however, HIPAA compliance and cloud security are pressing issues that they remain responsible for addressing. Here …

Three Ways to Pursue Cloud Data Privacy with Medical Records

Three Ways to Pursue Cloud Data Privacy with Medical Records

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We’ve talked at length on this blog about how CipherCloud’s Cloud Information Protection solution can help financial services firms achieve regulatory compliance and data privacy in the cloud. I’d like to spend some time on the health care industry now.  For health care organizations seeking to adopt cloud services, cloud data privacy is, thanks to the sensitivity of individuals’ electronic …

Top 3 Challenges of HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

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After attending HIMSS 2014…Some observations The economics of cloud adoption are almost a no-brainer, but the logistics of HIPAA compliance in the cloud, unfortunately, are not. There are several key challenges to HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Let’s examine three of them and how to address these challenges. 1. Loss of visibility Back in the pre-cloud days, enterprises had a …

How Cloud Encryption Extends to HIPAA Compliance

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For healthcare organizations, HIPAA compliance will always be top of mind. It’s serious business; violations and data breaches carry serious consequences. And cloud adoption further complicates the matter. How can healthcare organizations ensure that electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) remains appropriately protected in a third party’s infrastructure? Updates to HIPAA are beginning to address this question. HIPAA rules now apply …

3 Powerful Salesforce.com HIPAA Compliance Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore

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These days, it’s getting harder and harder to say no to the cloud, even for healthcare organizations grappling with a tangle of HIPAA compliance requirements that can complicate cloud adoption. The operational efficiencies and cost benefits achieved by using cloud services like Salesforce.com are simply too significant to ignore. Salesforce’s own security measures are robust, but HIPAA compliance is ultimately …

Best practice for HIPAA cloud security

Best Practices for HIPAA Cloud Security

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Security and compliance concerns making you hesitant to adopt the cloud? Organizations like yours that must meet HIPAA regulatory requirements are generally a little worried, especially given the high standards that the HIPAA-HITECH 2013 Final Omnibus Rule sets for protecting cloud-based ePHI. Here are some best practices that will enable you to adopt the cloud with confidence. 1. The first …