[Infographic] Data-centric Action Plan for GDPR Compliance of Cloud Apps (SaaS)

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When it comes to personal data in the cloud and complying with the GDPR, enterprises need to shift from securing infrastructure and physical systems to securing the data itself. In other words, instead of protecting places in the extended enterprise ecosystem, organizations need to protect data as it travels through and across the ecosystem—often to unknown locations. This data-centric strategy …

5 Steps to Data Protection for GDPR

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Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an extension of past privacy laws, but much stronger, much tougher consequences and much clearer, more explicitly about what needs to be done to protect data.  The follow steps to GDPR compliance: Know Your Cloud Footprint The first step to compliance with GDPR is to know your cloud footprint. This sounds obvious, but the …

GDPR and the Cloud: 6 Key Points You Need to Know

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The clock is ticking and the GDPR is coming to a jurisdiction near you. Although it was created by the EU, most businesses realize that the General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect in May 2018, will have global reach, covering not just data in Europe, but the personal information of European citizens and residents – wherever it is globally. …