Unprotected File Sharing Gets Expensive

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A Recent $2 Million HIPAA Penalty for Exposed Patient Data If you work in a health care organization and handle sensitive patient health data, you’ve probably heard about the recent case in which US regulators hit St. Joseph Health System with a penalty of $2.14 million for HIPAA violations. That penalty is just the tip of the iceberg: St. Joseph …

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Does BYOK Mean ‘Barely Your Own Keys’?

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3 Truths about Encryption and BYOK Many people making important decisions about data security have a fuzzy understanding of how encryption actually works. Their confusion can easily be exploited by hackers, governments, and vendors pushing incomplete solutions. That’s because, on the surface, encryption seems reasonably easy to understand with real-world analogies to keys, locks, secrets (both good and bad), and …

North America Cloud Compliance & Data Privacy


Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance InDepth: North America For the modern enterprise handling sensitive, personal consumer information, such as credit and debit card numbers or private health and medical records, the importance of regulatory compliance can’t be overstated—and neither can the complexities of regulatory compliance. The cloud piles on additional complications. Cloud computing itself may create new risks for data …

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East Asia Cloud Compliance & Data Privacy


As we discussed in the previous installment of Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance In- Depth, compliance with data privacy regulations is critical to the modern enterprise but often made complicated by the globalization of the business world and the enterprise’s increasing adoption of cloud computing, in particular the services of major, multinational CSPs like Salesforce, Microsoft and Google. To effectively …

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PCI Compliance Checklist

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The larger the organization, the more difficult it can be to ensure PCI compliance. This is particularly true when organizations’ data is distributed across multiple public cloud applications, as many are in today’s cloud-dominated business world. If you’re in charge of overseeing PCI compliance in such an environment, use our checklist to begin unifying your PCI compliance efforts.   PCI …

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The Top 3 Cloud Security Challenges

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These days, just about every enterprise understands that the cloud is not an option but a business imperative. Cloud computing—especially turnkey public cloud computing through enterprise-grade applications like those offered by global cloud leaders Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft—can dramatically accelerate innovation and increase availability, responsiveness, and productivity across an entire organization. But with cloud computing come cloud security challenges. In …

The Cloud Data Compliance Conundrum


Business is booming – both for cloud providers, and for regulators. The benefits of the cloud are well known (productivity, agility, scalability, pay-as-you-go, etc.) but as you increasingly move your infrastructure into the cloud, regulations based on the location of your data become problematic. Where is your data really located in the cloud?  Are you sure you’re complying with regional …