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Keeping up with what’s happening in the technology industry is a lot of work – and time-consuming! There’s an endless stream of newsletters, journals, blog posts, and press releases. How do you know what’s important enough to read? One way is to save time and brush up on what everyone elseis reading. At least that way, you can know what they know …

Six Reasons Why Encryption Back Doors Won’t Deter Terrorists

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Last month’s tragic events in Paris, and fears over similar terrorist attacks around the world, have revived a long-standing debate. Early evidence suggests that the terrorists used a readily available encryption app to hide their plans and thwart detection by law enforcement. This has led to finger-pointing by intelligence officials and politicians demanding that something be done to control this dangerous technology. Keep …

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Secure Cloud Computing Collaboration 101

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  Among the many benefits cloud computing has brought to the enterprise, improved collaboration is one of the most significant. On a day-to-day basis, cloud-based collaboration applications like file sharing and email enable teams to communicate with more efficiency both internally and externally, increasing engagement, responsiveness, and productivity. But cloud collaboration isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Without the proper visibility …

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Cloud Security 101: DLP Blind Spots and How to Fix Them

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is an integral part of an enterprise’s data security architecture. As more and more sensitive data enters the cloud, the risks of inappropriate and often inadvertent data sharing, data leakage, or data exposure grow exponentially. DLP solutions are powerful mechanisms for preventing such disasters. But the cloud throws a wrench in enterprise attempts to prevent data …

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Cloud Data Security Lessons from the Healthcare Industry

Cloud, Cloud Security, HealthCare

When it comes to data privacy, the healthcare industry is one of the most strictly regulated. It stands to reason, therefore, that the healthcare industry should be among the most conservative when it comes to adopting the cloud. Surprisingly, that is not the case. According to recent CipherCloud research, cloud adoption is pervasive across all industries, including the healthcare industry. …

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Cloud Encryption Tip: Don’t Share Your Encryption Keys

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Picture this scene: You’re shopping for a safe. You know you need one; you want something fireproof and secure, a personal vault in which you plan to store important documents—birth certificates, social security cards, passports, property titles, insurance policies, perhaps a chunk of cash for emergencies. The store you’re visiting has a wide selection and seems promising. Thing is, in …

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Cloud Data Protection 101: Data Classification

Cloud Data Protection, Cloud Security

When it comes to protecting your sensitive customer and corporate data in the cloud, encryption and tokenization will no doubt be two of the most important weapons in your arsenal. But before you can begin applying them (along with your other cloud data protection tools) to your data, you’ll need to know where to encrypt and where to tokenize, and …

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Cloud Service Provider Encryption Doesn’t Solve the Problem

Cloud Security, In the News

Salesforce just announced the general availability of Shield, their Platform Encryption function. Organizations can now use Shield to protect data stored in the Salesforce environment. Cryptography, for years, had been a discipline of only academic and military interest, an esoteric technology to many. With the advent of the web, e-commerce, and later mobility, cryptography has become a widespread and readily …

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The Top 3 Cloud Security Challenges

Cloud Security, Compliance

These days, just about every enterprise understands that the cloud is not an option but a business imperative. Cloud computing—especially turnkey public cloud computing through enterprise-grade applications like those offered by global cloud leaders Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft—can dramatically accelerate innovation and increase availability, responsiveness, and productivity across an entire organization. But with cloud computing come cloud security challenges. In …