Equifax hack exposes substantial gaps in the U.S. Privacy Laws

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As Equifax scrambles to address the massive damage the recent data breach caused, affecting 143 million U.S. consumers and leaving them vulnerable to identity theft for their entire lives, one cannot help but think about why it was allowed to happen in the first place. Why Equifax did not face the constant monitoring and auditing that the banks do? Why …

Data Access Control With Customer Controlled Encryption, in a Control Multi-Cloud Environment

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How does a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) ensure cloud security? It’s all about having visibility into how enterprise data is getting used in and from the cloud, thereby controlling access to it. Multi-Cloud Environment Organizations all over the world are transitioning to a multi-cloud environment and it is important to gain visibility within these clouds. In this day and …

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Data Protection: The Cloud Security Cornerstone

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Not Your Grandma’s IT Security Concern Not that long ago, the main concern of network security professionals was protecting the company’s network perimeter. Servers, not data, was the issue. When the cloud rolled in, the IT security landscape began to change profoundly. When companies use cloud services, effectively they’re outsourcing the care of their data. Unfortunately, they can’t outsource their …

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Secure Cloud Computing Collaboration 101

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  Among the many benefits cloud computing has brought to the enterprise, improved collaboration is one of the most significant. On a day-to-day basis, cloud-based collaboration applications like file sharing and email enable teams to communicate with more efficiency both internally and externally, increasing engagement, responsiveness, and productivity. But cloud collaboration isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Without the proper visibility …

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Multi-Cloud Security Demands Unified Cloud Data Security

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Think fast! How many of your organization’s critical operations now live in the cloud? Do you use any of the following: Cloud CRM Cloud file sync and share Cloud communications and collaboration Cloud email Cloud storage Cloud business analytics Cloud accounting Cloud HRMS On top of that, does your organization use any other third-party cloud enterprise applications? The selection is …

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The Most Shocking Statistic about Shadow IT, and What It Means for Cloud Data Security

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SaaS and the consumerization of IT have revolutionized enterprise computing. No longer do organizations and their employees have to rely solely on internal infrastructure for their IT needs, and no longer are they restricted by the limitations of that internal infrastructure. But with SaaS and the consumerization come the dangerous phenomenon of shadow IT. Employees who adopt whatever SaaS applications …


Cloud Data Security is a Shared Responsibility

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When it comes to adopting the cloud, data security is often amongst enterprise decision-makers’ top concerns. We’ve all seen what can happen to even the largest organizations if they suffer a data breach (think Target, Home Depot), and no one wants to be the next victim. But as firms move more and more mission-critical applications to the cloud, it can …