Equifax Breach: 143 million identities stolen, 1 lesson to learn… SaaS and IaaS Cloud provider encryption is NOT enough to secure your data.

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Equifax Breach: 143 million identities stolen, 1 lesson to learn… SaaS and IaaS cloud provider encryption is NOT enough to secure your data. If you are an American with a credit history, chances are that you are impacted by the latest data breach fiasco, i.e. the Equifax breach. Although data breaches have flooded the news for the past couple of …

Equifax hack exposes substantial gaps in the U.S. Privacy Laws

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As Equifax scrambles to address the massive damage the recent data breach caused, affecting 143 million U.S. consumers and leaving them vulnerable to identity theft for their entire lives, one cannot help but think about why it was allowed to happen in the first place. Why Equifax did not face the constant monitoring and auditing that the banks do? Why …

3 Key Business Challenges Solved by a CASB Solution

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The right CASB can offer solutions to data protection and compliance challenges that customers are confronted with everyday. Three most common issues customers face are: Not having visibility into unsanctioned cloud applications Challenge We often hear from our customers that when they migrate to the cloud they lose visibility of sensitive and regulated data. It is critical to understand the …

5 Steps to Data Protection for GDPR

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Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an extension of past privacy laws, but much stronger, much tougher consequences and much clearer, more explicitly about what needs to be done to protect data.  The follow steps to GDPR compliance: Know Your Cloud Footprint The first step to compliance with GDPR is to know your cloud footprint. This sounds obvious, but the …

GDPR and the Cloud: 6 Key Points You Need to Know

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The clock is ticking and the GDPR is coming to a jurisdiction near you. Although it was created by the EU, most businesses realize that the General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect in May 2018, will have global reach, covering not just data in Europe, but the personal information of European citizens and residents – wherever it is globally. …

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Cloud Data Isn’t Lazy Data

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Why your cloud security strategy shouldn’t rely solely on data-at-rest encryption In our last blog post, we revealed that cloud provider “Bring Your Own Keys” (BYOK) options merely let customers keep a copy of their keys, not own the whole set of keys. In this post, we’ll look at the SaaS application environment in detail to understand why data-at-rest encryption …

Six Reasons Why Encryption Back Doors Won’t Deter Terrorists

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Last month’s tragic events in Paris, and fears over similar terrorist attacks around the world, have revived a long-standing debate. Early evidence suggests that the terrorists used a readily available encryption app to hide their plans and thwart detection by law enforcement. This has led to finger-pointing by intelligence officials and politicians demanding that something be done to control this dangerous technology. Keep …

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Cloud Data Protection 101: Data Classification

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When it comes to protecting your sensitive customer and corporate data in the cloud, encryption and tokenization will no doubt be two of the most important weapons in your arsenal. But before you can begin applying them (along with your other cloud data protection tools) to your data, you’ll need to know where to encrypt and where to tokenize, and …


For Total Cloud Data Protection, Companies Must Gain Control of Shadow IT

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Think fast! How much of a problem is shadow IT at your organization? If you answered “not much” or “not at all,” then we have an unpleasant surprise for you. According to a recent report by 451 Research an estimated that 79% of employees use shadow IT applications. So unless you’ve taken steps to identify and address shadow IT in …