Case Study: Large Healthcare Company Meets HIPAA / HITECH Rules in the Cloud with CipherCloud

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Written by Michael Higashi

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the cloud can be a life-saver. Connectivity leads to improved information sharing, responsiveness, and health and business outcomes; it’s a must for today’s distributed, often globalized healthcare networks. But in the healthcare industry, cloud and connectivity aren’t as simple as choosing a service and turning it on. Regulations like HIPAA and HITECH govern how health information may be shared and how it must be protected, and healthcare companies must comply with those regulations or face stiff penalties. Luckily, CipherCloud’s cloud encryption solutions can help even the largest healthcare providers meet their regulatory requirements. Today’s case study shows how.

The Customer

With over 150 hospitals and more than 100 surgery centers cloud encryption HIPAA HITECHin the US and UK, staffed by 200,000+ employees, this CipherCloud customer had a lot of work to do to modernize its communication infrastructure and connect its facilities. The customer wanted a cloud-based communications portal for record sharing and email. High availability was a must, as was ease of use—ideally, employees would be able to use their existing email system without interruption. And the customer needed cloud data encryption to help with compliance.

The customer chose Salesforce and but had to ensure that its data protection strategy complied with HIPAA / HITECH before it could launch their new platform. Among the customer’s requirements were AES 256-bit encryption of sensitive ePHI, exclusive control of the encryption keys, and email integration that would enable cloud email access.

The Solution

After evaluating the choices, the customer decided that CipherCloud for Salesforce was the only one that could meet its needs. CipherCloud for Salesforce delivers AES 256-bit encryption and delivers  control of the encryption keys—and data protection policies—to  the customer so that the customer can ensure HIPAA / HITECH compliance. And integration with Salesforce and email enabled employees to use their existing email application and their new CRM system seamlessly.

The customer successfully rolled out its new cloud-based Salesforce CRM and communications platform and Salesforce-integrated email system, all secured by CipherCloud cloud data encryption and in compliance with HIPAA / HITECH. The cloud migration cut the customer’s internal infrastructure costs and improved scalability for future growth while connecting its far-flung network of hospitals and surgery centers. In short, this major global healthcare company was able to adopt the cloud and reap the benefits while meeting HIPAA / HITECH compliance or data protection.

HIPAA/HITECH compliance and cloud security are concerns for healthcare organizations of any size, but they grow more critical and more complex as the size of the company grows. If an organization as large as this customer can securely and successfully adopt the cloud, so can yours.

What compliance concerns does your company face in the cloud? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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