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Keeping up with what’s happening in the technology industry is a lot of work – and time-consuming! There’s an endless stream of newsletters, journals, blog posts, and press releases. How do you know what’s important enough to read? One way is to save time and brush up on what everyone elseis reading. At least that way, you can know what they know …

Will There Be a New EU Safe Harbor? Don’t Let the Suspense Stop You From Taking Action

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The Internet makes sending data from the EU to US easy. Making that data transfer compliant, well, that’s not so simple. The data protection laws differ among the EU member states, and getting approval from each nation’s Data Protection Authority (DPA) could be time consuming and complex. That’s where the EU Safe Harbor agreement came in; companies that self-certified for …

Six Reasons Why Encryption Back Doors Won’t Deter Terrorists

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Last month’s tragic events in Paris, and fears over similar terrorist attacks around the world, have revived a long-standing debate. Early evidence suggests that the terrorists used a readily available encryption app to hide their plans and thwart detection by law enforcement. This has led to finger-pointing by intelligence officials and politicians demanding that something be done to control this dangerous technology. Keep …

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Cloud Encryption Trends & Predictions for 2016: Taking a Proactive Approach to Data Protection

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Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions in your personal life, every business leader should review corporate plans and revise strategies for the new year. So much of business planning is about growth; it’s easy to forget about protecting your company’s valuable business assets. This includes myriad types of data organizations store, transmit, process and generate. And consumers are …

The 5C’s of US-EU Safe Harbor: From Consensus to Collapse and Continuing On

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The world’s modern economy is largely based on free trade, with goods moving easily between countries. With the development of the Internet, the free movement of information has become crucial to business as well. Thousands of American companies share data with European partners, but the smooth flow of information is complicated by the two continents’ differing perspectives on data privacy. …

Top 4 Issues Business Leaders Have About US-EU Safe Harbor’s Demise

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U.S. business leaders now need to look at other legal mechanisms for the transfer of private data from EU countries since a European court struck down the 15-year-old EU Safe Harbor privacy framework. The European Court of Justice recently ruled that ubiquitous surveillance practices by the U.S. made the agreement invalid. In October, CipherCloud held a panel discussion with industry …

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The Dangers of Underestimating Shadow IT Risks

Shadow IT

Risks from shadow IT present a dark lining around advances in cloud computing. The cloud era is in full swing, and it’s a boom time for enterprise IT innovation thanks to cloud computing’s democratization of IT infrastructure, platform, and application and service resources. Never before have organizations been able to deploy, add, change, and decommission resources as quickly or as …


When Do You Need a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)?

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More and more businesses are evaluating Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and trying to decide whether they are critical to security or redundant with what cloud providers offer. CASB vendors have pioneered the process of letting businesses encrypt their own data before it goes into the cloud. Now, in the post-Snowden world, several cloud providers are also adding encryption of …

EU Safe Harbor - model clauses

EU-US Safe Harbor: Model Clauses – Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

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In a recent blog post, we referred to the now defunct EU-US Safe Harbor framework as a house of straw, while comparing the European Commission (EC) Model Clauses (the theoretical replacement) to a house of sticks – better, perhaps, but still vulnerable to wolf-force winds. It turns out we are not the only ones falling back on children’s story analogies. …

EU-US Safe Harbor: Moving from a House of Straw to a House of Sticks?

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In the wake of last week’s bombshell decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to invalidate EU-US Safe Harbor, many organizations are scrambling to take immediate steps to limit their risk. While the ECJ decision takes effect immediately, it is extremely unclear how cross-Atlantic data transfers will be governed without Safe Harbor. The initial advice from many regulators and …