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3 Top Banks Tackle PCI Compliance in Salesforce

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Written by Michael Higashi

As the dust continues to settle from the recent Target data breach, with the retailer’s ever-pricier damage control campaign now extending to free credit monitoring to all its customers and its CFO scheduled to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the attack next month, the time seems right to talk about securing one of the most sensitive categories of data to traverse the Internet today: financial data. But instead of talking theory, let’s talk real-world examples. Here are three success stories from top banks who’ve used CipherCloud to achieve PCI compliance.

1. Top 3 U.S. Bank Uses CipherCloud for Salesforce to Protect Consumer Loan Information

One of our customers, a top 3 U.S. bank that ranks in the top 10 worldwide, top banks pci compliancewas faced with the task of developing a consumer loan portal on the Salesforce platform. If successful, the portal would enable the bank to rapidly and efficiently process its millions of mortgage loan and loan modification applications. To achieve PCI compliance and meet its other regulatory requirements, however, the bank needed control: control over who could access customer data, and control over which types of data were to be encrypted, and how. The bank deployed CipherCloud for Salesforce, leveraging AES 256-bit encryption and other technologies to protect its sensitive data. Today, the bank’s consumer loan portal processes 2,500 files per hour. The cost savings and improved agility have led the bank to deploy several other cloud applications protected by CipherCloud.

2. Top 5 U.S. Bank Achieves Unified Compliance Across 50 Salesforce Instances

CTA_Best Practices for Financial ServicesAnother of our customers, a top 5 U.S. bank, brought a different challenge to the table: PCI compliance for over fifty different Salesforce instances across three different lines of business, with no centralized management or security strategy. Further complicating the task was the bank’s corporate compliance policy. The bank’s policy forbade the exposure of any two fields of sensitive data exposed in a single data center. CipherCloud for Salesforce gave the bank the ability to selectively and consistently encrypt data at the field and even the character level across multiple Salesforce instances and lines of business. AES 256-bit encryption and bank ownership of the encryption keys helped ensure control and compliance.

3. Top Australian Bank Uses CipherCloud for Salesforce to Secure CRM

A top Australian bank and top 40 bank worldwide wanted to adopt a cloud-based CRM platform and communication and collaboration tools, but had a tangle of internal and regulatory compliance concerns to address. After deciding on Salesforce , the bank chose CipherCloud to maintain  data security and compliance in accordance with all relevant privacy regulations. The AES 256-bit encryption and advanced tokenization capabilities of CipherCloud for Salesforce enabled the bank to roll out Salesforce and Chatter to over 30,000 users, improving productivity without compromising data security and compliance. For this bank, CipherCloud’s ability to protect even unstructured data, like files and attachments, proved particularly useful.

If financial data is among the most sensitive of all enterprise data to enter the cloud, then banks face some of the greatest challenges when adopting the cloud. These banks were able to achieve PCI compliance thanks to CipherCloud’s cloud information protection solutions. What can CipherCloud do for your organization?

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